Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Which Highway? I-10 or Al Gore Pkwy

Wednesday we headed over to BR to see a pediatric gastroenterologist to figure out what is wrong with Riley's guts.
Basically we are now more confused and no closer to him being better.
The lady was very nice, with a good manner with the baby, so I'm not trying to knock her. But she failed to live up to my high, but fair expectations.

Her diagnosis is that he has reflux and colic. She's upping his meds from Zantac to Prevacid for the reflux.
Based on reports of blood in the stool, which is no longer present, she thinks that he did have some sort of collitis due to dairy in Joan's diet but that has gone away since she cut dairy out.
Her only recommendation was that Joan continue to not eat dairy, nuts or gassy foods.
That's good because that would actually be an expansion of her plan right now.

The only fix for colic is waiting for him to grow out of it in a few months (not good since she's going back to work in a few weeks)

The rub comes from a few places:

Firstly, we're not idiots. We're not doctors (check our bank accounts), but we do spend considerable time reading and trying to understand symptoms and potential issues before we approach a doctor.I think it's better for both sides that way. Some of the things she said though, are exactly contrary to what we've read, especially as to whether gassy food pass gas problems along to the baby, and what colic type fits are (duration, predictability, intensity.) Now, I know not everything on the interweb is true, but we're smart enough to judge sources. We are informed and expect to be listened to and treated like we have better than a Forrest Gump IQ. Some may see that as arrogant, but it is reality, no matter how else you label it.

Second, she failed my biggest test, willingness to explain a conclusion. She said that a certain drug wouldn't be recommended because it was bad. I asked, "Why?" and explained that I wasn't questioning her conclusion, we're just nerds who like to understand reasons. She responded, "It's just bad." (paraphrased) Massive FAIL. Call me a needy, picky patient, but I expect a doctor to take my intellectual comprehension of my child's health seriously.

Thirdest, after we explained multiple times that Joan was literally eating nothing but chicken , pasta, rice, potatoes and oatmeal, Doc said that she was going to narrow Joan's diet even more. We were floored with the thought that was even possible. She went on to detail this restriction by saying Joan can eat anything but dairy, nuts and gassy food. On what planet is that a narrowing?

Bottom line: If we were in BR, we may follow up with her, but our experience today was definitely not worth the drive over. He's doing ok for now, we'll just try to keep him that way.

Sorry this entry took such a harsh tone. Some times a little man has just got to vent.
It's hard being someone with half a brain, in a world where everyone assumes they are dealing with someone with a quarter of a brain.

It was even enough to anger Riley, and he's a much nicer person than me

(actually I just needed and excuse to learn how to post vids)

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