Sunday, May 4, 2008

Digestive Dilemma

Instead of a bunch of small posts, I'm just going with one big one this week.

The overall theme though, is: "The kid screams when he makes solid contributions to his diaper."

He's not fussy or whiney.
He's either 100% peaceful or he is screaming like a banshee (original simile, huh) and straining and turning red.
The screaming peaks just before he lets forth a 6.3 Richter Scale quake in his diaper. After that, he's fine again for a while.

To try to fix the problem, Joan is on a chicken, rice and pasta diet for now.
Once things calm down and he's not having symptoms, she'll start to reintroduce items.Fortunately for both of us, the Egg cooks some killer chicken, so we'll be alright.

BGE 004

In the meantime, the doc has prescribed some sort of reflux medicine. Here is where having a compounding pharmacist for a grandmother really paid off for him. He's not taking regular old Zantac, he's taking Snickers flavored Zantac. It actually smells pretty good. Hell, he's getting more flavor than his mom.

Friday he made his first trip to BR, to help the Caroline family move some furniture.
Just like most people want to do when they have to go to BR, he cried and screamed most of the time. It was sad to hear, but I really can't blame him.

There are 5 or six different positions that may work at any time to calm the beast. You just have to be luck enough to find the right one in one of your first few tries.
I've had luck with bringing him into light, whether that be a window or under a bulb on the patio or into the sunlight.
In the light, he gets all trance-like and calms down (even without staring directly at the bulb/sun for you Child Protective Service narcs)

Saturday was ok (aside from a major freakout in Target) and Sunday has been pretty good. He's slept most of the day and was quiet enough to go to my grandmother's house to meet some out of town family. As he has done with a few other estrogen addled creatures, he kicked Cousin Tesha's baby fever up a couple of degrees.

Week 5 030

He then went for his first walk in his jogging stroller, over at the UL campus. He wasn't quite interested in the alligators yet, but I'll fix that in time. (yeah we've got alligators in the swamp on our campus. Sure beats a multi million dollar kennel for some generic old tiger)

Week 5 036

I'm trying to ease him in to some of my mean spirited attempts at humor. He usually doesn't react. Here he is though with Joan holding him back from choking me after I said something particularly cruel about this disproportionately large head.

Week 5 017

He quickly decided he wasn't down with the whole swaddling thing and got all Houdini on a swaddling sack last weekend. (he started out fully contained)

Week 5 002

He's more interesting to be around now that he's keeping his eyes open sometimes. He doesn't quite have all of his eye control down yet, so sometimes he starts to look like Mitch Hedberg's sister (or me, in pics)

He's growing like crazy. I can barely palm his back anymore.
Here's some comparisons:



That's it. Now he's got to find a ride some time this week to go Mother's Day shopping, 'cause I'm not taking him after work, and it'd be tacky to ask her to take him.

We'll have a full report on his first experience as a cause of that manufactured holiday next week.

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