Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nothing Clever

We're baaaack.

Ok, so we never went anywhere, but aside from hurricane preparations, last week was pretty boring and not worth writing about.

You would think that with a hurricane passing through, this week would have been insane, but it wasn't. Lafayette was not impacted as hard as many of the surrounding parishes. Even better, our neighborhood was, for the most part, much luckier than other parts of town.
We never lost electricity and only lost cable for about 12 hours. We spent most of the storm on our screened in patio watching the trees blow around. Riley seemed to like it, even though he was getting wet while sitting 10 feet from the screen.
We had our yard cleaned before dark on Monday and spent a few hours on Tuesday chopping and hauling branches for Joan's parents.
Our family and friends all fared well, so we ended up doing less helping around town than we expected and were actually able to enjoy our couple of days off of work.

Things picked up a couple of days after the storm when Paul, liz and caroline fled to Lafayette, as BR was almost entirely without electricity. They've headed back now that their electricity is back on (2 full weeks ahead of the estimate published by entergy on friday.)

No break for us though because Riley is now sick. he cant breathe, his face is covered in snot,he's got a fever and he cant sleep. Not many things are more miserable than a teething, constipated, infant with a cold. (See below.)

week 23 037

And now i'm feeling a little sore throat coming on. Good times.

But i'll give you what you came for. Here's some pics taken during the 'cane and the days that followed.

I stole your pillow, Dad.

week 22 057

Just hangin' around

week 22 037

week 22 043

Working the register at Johnson's Boucaniere with Ms Claire.

week 23 033


week 23 009


Week 21 Egg (122)

is this sanitary?

Week 21 Egg (119)

Check out Mom's face.

Week 21 Egg (63)

Dad and me getting "a look" because we probably did something fun. :)

Week 21 Egg (71)

Do it with flair.

Week 21 Egg (82)

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