Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Big Day

Today was Mother's Day.
Riley was so excited that, like the kid in the Disney commercial, he couldn't sleep all night. (not a good way to celebrate)

Once the sun came up and the mosquitoes went down, we threw him in the jogging stroller and headed out to Acadiana Park for a family adventure through the woods.

Week 6 011

Week 6 007

don't let the scowl fool you, he was having fun.

Week 6 008

It was a big day for me, because it was my boy's first offroad adventure. That stoller can handle some pretty rough stuff. He was climbing, descending, and even doing some off camber crawling.

Pretty soon, he'll be joining us on the mountain bikes.

DSC01167-2 copy

and before you know it, he'll be wheeling the Jeep up in Hot Springs.

Hot Springs Jan 2005 025

Given that he slept through some pretty rough strolling, he can't even act like the dogs barking next door actually wake him up.

After his outdoor adventure, I took him for a trip around town to give Mommy some time to make up some sleep. At the stores he traveled around contently in the Baby Bjorn which I'm loving so far.

He then took visitors and got to hang out a little with his godparents.


Week 6 029

and Uncle Eli (with Amanda)

Week 6 021

Lesley doesn't have a cool godparent name yet, so we're taking suggestions.
Eli wants to be called "BA" which is short for "Uncle Bad A**."
I like the idea (especially since it was partially mine)

Riley is being baptised/christened at Asbury next Sunday at 8:30, for anyone interested either in attending, or needing comfort as to the state of his immortal soul.

And for the most important part of Mother's Day, the presents, the little rat really showed me up.
I got Joan some accessories for the Roomba, to help her keep the place clean while she sits around watching What Not to Wear all day. I thought that was considerate of me.
The little showoff though got her a really pretty diamond and pearl necklace.
Looks like I've got some competition. You can see him here, plotting against me,

Week 6 033

Then acting all innocent when he realizes the camera is around.

Week 6 030

I think that's about it.
But just to show how he's growing, he finally fits in the swing.

Week 6 034

Just a few weeks ago his head wouldn't even reach the pillow and he would just flop right over.

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Joan - you look amazing!