Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Lair

Just over two weeks left now, and, as far as we can tell, we've got all of the hardware here set up and ready to go.

The beautiful closet, by Cajun Closets, has been stocked with clothing and stuff.

march blog 002

We really have alot of storage space in that bad boy. We're taking up maybe a third with the infant clothes, so we've got plenty of room for growth as the clothes, themselves, get bigger.

The changing station is ready for Joan to change the hundreds of diapers that are sure to come.

march blog 010

We may need to move the horse though, so he doesn't get any unexpected showers.

Another component of the room is this beautiful "Moses basket" given to us by Lance and Kimberly.

march blog 011

I'm no Old Testament scholar, but from what I remember, old Moses' Mom shipped him down river in one of these things. So, if anyone finds our boy slowly cruising down the Vermilion somewhere around Abbeville, he was probably crying too much and we needed to sleep. Please return him once he quiets down.

And finally, the little prince's throne is all ready.

march blog 007

Notice the Big Brother style video surveillance we have set up. All you old folks may have had to actually use your ears to hear a baby crying in the other room, but we young 'uns can rely on wireless video technology (with night vision). The monitor even hooks up to the tv so you can see the baby in 42 inches of HD goodness if you are that obsessed. (just kidding... the quality is nowhere near HD, yet)

I'm sure Joan will use the monitor to watch and cherish every breath from her little angel.
I've basically got the camera there to get the child acclimated to the steady march toward the 24/7 surveillance society that Mr Bush, Mr Durel and all of your other elected (and unelected) government officials want. But they're doing it "for the children," right? so it's ok, huh?

(Thinks to self: Alright, alright, bring the blood pressure back down, get back on topic)

Which reminds me, everyone should go see Horton Hears a Who. The animation is ridiculously awesome, and the story line is great, not just for kids, but also for adults who are conscious of the state of affairs around them.
Definitely of Toy Story caliber in my book.

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