Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Plug

If you know us you know that one of the things we really care about is good music.

I could go on for days about some of our favorite bands, but this isn't the place.

Since it is a blog about parenting and kids though, I figured the following recommendation would be appropriate.

The world of kids music can be pretty grating on most sane adults, but some of the stuff out there is good. We happened to recently find a great kids CD by a local musician/teacher.

I highly recommend anyone picking up the disc "Dill Pickles, Bugz and other Feel Good Tunes" by Melissa Stevenson.

Melissa is one of the wonderful Figs (check 'em out) and her husband Cal, who played on and produced the disc, is formerly a Bluerunner.

While Riley isn't old enough to get into it yet, I think he'll like it. It has a great mix of musical styles and is built for kids without being too sickeningly silly for adults. There's even a cool song called "Cajun Livin'" that mentions alot of local favorites. In my mind, if you can work boudin and crawfish boils into a kid's song, you are musical royalty. I expect our copy to get worn out in the coming years.

I picked up my copy at and you should do the same.

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