Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Clownin'

No real story lines this week, and the home improvement project I'm working on right now is really irritating me, but I'll give this my best shot.
(author's note- Joan changed it to "irritating", I typed something stronger.)

Though we're hoping he's going to be a smart kid, he still doesn't know that having good taste in music doesn't mean that your music has to taste good.

week 42 003light

We really expect him to be walking within a month, but before that, I fully expect him to take a dive out of Jimmy's (very dirty) door, which he has been playing with alot recently.

week 42 064

Here's a little clip of his bipedal progress.

On Saturday he tried to help cousin Molli play her guitar.

week 42 069

He's not very good. Very avante garde.

He also proved again that pulled pork from Johnson's Boucaniere brings out his alter ego, Super-Cheesey Boy

week 42 044
week 42 046

He was making such a racket out on the porch, I know that I would have kicked us out. (but Lori and Clair, et al are too nice for that)

Sunday, he tried to be all adult-like and copy Nonnie and Poppy at breakfast. (Mommy and Daddy don't drink coffee.)

Our table excluded, I wouldn't doubt if he had more IQ and common sense than most of the sheeple who were at Golden Corral. (Ain't I the meanest nice guy you'll ever read?)

week 42 073
week 42 074
(still looking for a good breakfast buffet in Lafayette, preferably with an entrance exam, if anyone has any secrets)

Since food has been mentioned, Joan has again explored dairy this weekend.
Items consumed include fried pickles, banana pudding, chocolate cake and a know, healthy stuff.

He sprouted his fifth tooth this week, seen below peeking out just to the right of his fronts.

week 42 057

I am a firm believer in kids being kids and being able to do things adults can't do, due to social conventions.
I also like the rodeo, which is in town this week. (but we aren't going).

Combine the two, and I believe that my kid should be able to dress like a rodeo clown every once in a while.

week 42 016

Sure, he wasn't quite as stylish as his peers, but who cares?

week 42 009

To prove that he's not at all neglected, and we're trying to make him gain weight, I fired up the Egg and got all smoky smelling just to cook him two boneless chicken thighs. He's gonna owe me a nice retirement.

week 42 076

And finally, here's your schadenfreude for the week.

Please examine the photo below and answer the following multiple choice question:

What Happened here?

A- BW got a little carried away while making pancakes.
B- BW walked under a tree full of birds.
C- BW has a recently discovered birthmark on his head shaped like a Scandinavian country; or
D- BW played a flying game with Riley a little too soon after the last feeding, and just a couple of minute before his Inns of Court meeting, and Joan let him think that Riley just drooled on him , so he ended up putting his hand in a puddle of puke.

week 42 007

If you guessed anything but D, please report to the Golden Corral.

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