Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pack it up, Pack it in....

...Let me begin.

It was a good week 'round here. Full to the brim with adventures for the little guy.
Sorry if I don't have anything too witty to say, I'll mostly let the pictures tell the stories.

He's really taken to sitting up unassisted this week and only falls when he's reaching for something. It's good because now he can sit around to play with Anna and Jimmy and you can sit him in his crib so that he can watch you while you do things around his room.

week 29 014
week 29 011
(oh, and he's far more of a naturalist than either of us)

Friday evening we took advantage of the cool weather and headed out to Downtown Alive to catch Dire Wood, a local rock act fronted by Joan's cousin, J Burton.

week 29 024
week 29 029
week 29 027

Even after Mommy and Daddy ate some Johnson's, we were able to make it home in time for him to still be in a good mood.

week 29 032

Saturday was a big day of tailgating and the Cajuns taking on Arkansas State. Riley actually made it through the whole game, which is a good thing because the Cajuns won it in the last minute of play. Like the Saints game, he sported his earplugs which allowed him to nap in the middle of a noisy stadium, yet still allowed him to wooo any ovary laden being within a 5 yard radius.

week 29 104

Before the game, he tried unsuccessfully to take a little nap,

week 29 053

and instead hung out with friends he doesn't get to see often like Funcle James

week 29 072

Miss Amanda

week 29 069

and Miss Traci

week 29 073

Sunday, things didn't slow down. After church we went to Outback for my mom's 50th birthday, where Riley got to try out his newly developed back muscles in his first high chair sitting.

week 29 128

After the meal, we headed over to the Pumpkin Patch for a photo session. Unfortunately, by that time he was dead-tired and entirely unwilling to smile or cooperate. But we did get a few good pics.

with Nonnie

week 29 144

with Poppy

week 29 207

with Miss Amanda and Uncle Eli/Cousin Mose
(for you Office fans)

week 29 190

with Uncle Jake

week 29 197

With Jake, Eli, and Amanda

week 29 194

With some random chicks.

week 29 161

And with lots of pumpkins

week 29 138
week 29 168
week 29 185
week 29 199
week 29 201
week 29 210
(that last one looks all sad and lonely, quite the opposite of his life)

After the Pumpkin Patch, we headed down south of Erath (where just 6 weeks ago there was a few feet of Gulf water) to see Joan's Mom's family and to celebrate Joan's grandmother's 80th birthday. He got to see their pond, see some cows and even see a horse up close.

week 29 236

even with all of the cool sights though, he just wanted to be cuddled by mommy and frustrate her by not going to sleep.

week 29 221
week 29 240
week 29 217

Now hopefully all of that activity will make him want to sleep all night. He's only got 4 days to think of a birthday present for his Mommy's last birthday before she turns 30.

on a side note, this will be my last week at my current firm and, starting next Monday, I'll be employed directly by State Farm in their local legal office. I'm excited. I'll be driving 15-25 minutes less a day, and I think I'll be much happier.

Thanks for the hits.

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