Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Fest

This is one of those weeks that makes us thankful to live in Lafayette.
It was time again for the annual Festival International de Louisiane.

Basically just a big, free music fest Downtown.

Supposedly, it is a world renowned festival, and there are definitely a number of international travelers in town for it.

For us though, it's just a chance to get outside, hear some good music and see people we often haven't seen since last Festival.

Most of the week, for us, was just laying low, knowing that we would be gone most of the weekend.

Early in the week, Riley got his first fat lip when he tripped over a tiny threshold and ate floor.

Week 56 044

Before that though, we hurt him even more by making him wear the "bubble shorts" that Lesley got him. In her defense, she had no idea there was elastic around the legs when she made the purchase.

Week 56 014

Riley got to spend one evening playing with Granny Lynn in the two new "beach cabanas" (formerly known as tents) that we got for our upcoming Destin trip.

Week 56 037

Friday, I took him down to Bach Lunch where he refused to eat anything but bread pudding. He was in a cranky mood since it was near nap time, but between me, some good western swing and a passing dog, we were able to wrangle a few smiles.

Week 56 051
Week 56 061
Week 56 056

Then I made the mistake of passing the fountain, whereupon he spotted lots of kids playing and immediately started babbling and gesturing.
I wasn't planning on him getting wet, so didn't have a change of clothes, but that shouldn't stop his fun.

He was kinda scared off by some of the bigger kids, and never really got into the spray, but had a blast squatting in about an inch of water and splashing away.

Week 56 078
Week 56 084
Week 56 085

After I thought he was done, he tried to climb back out of his stroller for more.

Week 56 080

The first thing he wanted when he was finally through was to put his shoes on. His shoes are his new obsession and he must have them on at all waking moments.

I, of course, had to catch a shot of how goofy he looked, and just happened to catch his Granny Lynn's morning walking partner also passing by.

Week 56 098

Once we got back to the Jeep and changed his soaked diaper, he was tired but happy, as evidenced by this horrendous smile.

Week 56 103

hopefully next weekend will be nice and we'll get to set up at least one of the couple of pools he got for his birthday. (assuming we spend any time at home.)

Saturday, he got his second big boy haircut before we headed downtown for his second Festival International.

There he got to see lots of friends, family and a few pretty good bands.

Week 56 114
Week 56 147
Week 56 118
Week 56 132
Week 56 139
Week 56 123
Week 56 137

He also demonstrated how he gives himself kisses as the wallpaper on Nonnie's cellphone.

Week 56 129
Week 56 130

In an entirely predictable fashion, we finished the day off with a meal at Johnson's. (try the new pulled pork stuffed grilled cheese sandwich)

Week 56 158
Week 56 160

Despite it being a very long day, he laughed and clapped and talked the whole way home in the Jeep, which he has really taken a liking to.

Week 56 170

Sunday was more festival.
We weren't out there very long, but he spent a good bit of time completely captivated by some girls playing with sidewalk chalk. We really need to teach him not to stare.

Week 56 171

That's pretty much it.
Hope all the locals had a good Festival.
And I hope everyone not from here had at least good weather (though i heard it was just as warm in Connecticut as it was here)

Time to put this post to bed.
Unfortunately, unlike Riley, blogging doesn't have a clear sign of when to cut things off.

Our kid just goes into his room, grabs his "blanket" (cloth diaper) and finds a clear spot of floor in your sight line to lay down. Just drop him in bed and the night is done.

Week 56 023

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Purging

This week's title references the way we spent most of our weekend--- cleaning/purging our closet. Four large headed-to-Goodwill trashbags later, and we can not only walk in, but can also open and close the door.

Here's an "after" pic.
There are no "before" shots, for fear of triggering a visit from various government agencies.

Week 55 224

As has been our quest since Riley's last ped appointment, we've continued to try to fatten him up.

This week he took the disgusting step that all babies take, and all sane parents dread... he tried Vienna sausages, and liked them.

Week 55 013

I don't know if they are actually meat, or even produced on this planet, but they're packed with calories and he eats 'em, as we all did.

Since you can't live on gelatinous pseudo meat product alone, he's also learned to like eating, and feeding himself, biscuits. A much better choice by all standards.

Week 55 058

Still, I don't know how he can be underweight, look at this kid's gut.

Week 55 041
Week 55 047

(it's genetic. he's got no shot of a flat tummy with his Wallace DNA)

Thursday night was Rhythms on the River and we forgot our camera.
He did get to meet loyal weekly reader Ms Mindy, who offered him a plastic cup with ice, thus forever earning a place in his heart.

Friday night, Mommy and Daddy lined up a babysitter and headed down to the Blue Moon to catch Woodboss, a band comprised of most of the Weary Boys, plus one of their wives.

Week 55 089

We missed them when they came through at this time last year because Riley was 3 weeks old (on his original due date), and we couldn't justify leaving him with anyone.

This year though we had no problem.

It marked only the second time we've been out past 9 since he was born, yet we survived.

Saturday lunch was at Organically Yours because we had a BOGO coupon.

He enjoyed his cup of guacamole and browsing the various supplements and fancy foods.

Week 55 103
Week 55 110

The food was good, but not my favorite for that price point.

Next, he helped us shop for a float for our upcoming beach trip.
We found one that looked cool in the package, but just looked like a cheerleader outfit on him.

In defiance of all parental sadism, we passed on it, but at least got a pic.

Week 55 113

Saturday night, we tried a new restaurant, Pizzeria Venti located near the intersection of Pinhook and (Censored) Road, in the new strip next to Cane's.

Good casual atmosphere. The food was pretty good and priced reasonably. We ordered three slices of pizza, an appetizer of three Bocci Balls (meatballs in dough) and a lemonade for just over 20 bucks.

Week 55 114

He enjoyed his individual pizza toppings and his Blueberry cheesecake (another fat booster)

Week 55 119
Week 55 123

Sunday, we headed over to Lamson Park to watch UL's ladies play their last weekend home game of the year.

Since the weather was awesome, Riley got to ride in the Jeep for the first time as an aware human being.

Week 55 130

Mommy sat in the back with him and he had a blast with the wind in his (nappy, needing to be cut) hair.

Week 55 197
Week 55 198

Since we forgot his hat and glasses at home (not that he wears them anyway) he spent most of the game trying to find shade.

He hung out with Poppy and played with Uncle Eli.

Week 55 150
Week 55 152
Week 55 160

Then he heard there was a group of 20-something, cute girls all in one place and contained by a fence, which he thought sounded like his kind of zoo.

He had his entourage clear the way so he could find the gals and "holla" at 'em.

Week 55 166

Week 55 159

He played it cool once mommy caught him though.

Week 55 172

After all that, and with the game going into extra innings, he took a good nap on Poppy's shoulder.

Week 55 181

And since he wasn't quite ready to wake up even when the game was done, I got to be his personal sunshade as we walked to the Jeep.

Week 55 186

Once he woke up, we headed over to Maggie Moo's for a treat Joan had been anticipating for along time, but was forbidden by the no-dairy phase--- Red Velvet Ice cream.

She could hardly contain her giddiness.

Week 55 201

He, on the other hand, just looked like he had tried to put on his own lipstick.

Week 55 204

But he was happy.

Week 55 218

Next week is Festival week, so look for him riding around in style in the Kelty downtown.