Sunday, May 11, 2008

Giraffe Poachers

I try not to post blogs without pics, but given the family nature of this blog, I don't think pics would be appropriate here.

Here's a little piece of info I got from a certain Corvette owning, Disney World loving, 30-something father of two, who is expecting a third child (of unknown gender) on May 29 and who wishes to remain anonymous.

If you are looking for telephone based customer service on items purchased from a large children's retail chain you are referred to:

be sure to read carefully, because if you "accidentally" dial 1-800-BABIES-R-US, you will reach the recorded voice of a woman who appears to be out of breath and in extreme discomfort (or comfort), and who wishes to offer you conversation designed to appeal to your prurient interests (for a fee).

Just a heads up folks. Be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

see if we tell you anything anymore!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!