Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swingin Doors

Before we get to what you came for, let me just vent and reiterate how much I hate American Airlines.
Early in the week, I spent a couple of days in Dallas for work.
Lafayette has direct flights to Dallas, and I traveled with two other people.
Despite being back to back to back in line, and all three of our bags going onto the conveyor belt in sequence, my bag didn't make it to Lafayette on our flight.
How hard is it to get a bag on a direct flight when the customer checked in 2 hours before the flight?
C'mon American. No wonder your industry is failing.

Oh well. I got back safe enough to be able to type this, and that's all that matters.

We got back from the big D too late in the day to justify going to work, so I grabbed Riley and headed out to the airport to visit his Poppy.
It was kind of a bummer at first because it was raining hard and he had to just look at the helicopters from a distance.

Week 69 020

Once things cleared up, he was able to play pilot for a little while.

Week 69 026
Week 69 032
Week 69 037

Then he really put his brain to work making connections between the poster Poppy gave him and the aircraft on the ground.

Week 69 045
Week 69 048

Later in the week, he learned some new ways to use his slide when Presley, (daughter of Joan's co-worker/loyal blog reader/state farm product, Lesley) stopped by to hang out.

Week 69 073
Week 69 071

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed over to the zoo with Anna and her Daddy.
Since she's 10 months older, she gave him a guided tour and started off by showing him the "fwamigos"

Week 69 087

Then, as is his custom, they posed on the concrete wildlife statues.

Week 69 221
Week 69 102

and there was plenty of time for climbing and sliding. Riley even inspired Anna with the courage to go down the big slide, which she had feared in the past.

Week 69 188
Week 69 199
Week 69 192
Week 69 181
Week 69 211

But there's such a thin line between courage and recklessness.

Week 69 197

The highlight for the adults was that the baby lemur is growing up but can still get out of the cage, thus allowing the kids a closer look than normal.

Week 69 115
Week 69 126
Week 69 131

Later in the day we made the mistake of going to Once Upon a Child, not knowing that there was some huge sale attracting hordes of psychos willing to shed all civility to save a dollar on some used clothes.

To get away from that madness, we walked a few doors down and visited uncle Eli, who is a personal trainer at Snap Fitness.
Riley acted like he actually knew what to do in a gym (unlike me), and even got in a good spinning workout on one of the bikes, but not the way that most people do.

Week 69 054
Week 69 056

Saturday evening, Mommy and Daddy went to a movie and dinner for our 7th anniversary while the young 'un got to hang out with and show off for Ms Stevie.
I remember being younger and how having a nice girl paying attention to you could actually keep you up past bedtime. Oh, glory days gone.

Week 69 059

Sunday morning, he joined us for our annual anniversary breakfast, which has moved from IHOP to Broken Egg to Meche's.

He still can't seem to grasp the concept that, when you weigh 20 lbs, you don't have to eat a whole donut hole in one bite. (especially when a nice Daddy has already ripped it in half for you)

Week 69 060
Week 69 063
Week 69 061

He later demonstrated a skill he had been resisting-- holding our hands while walking.

Week 69 065
Week 69 067

He also did very well in riding every single escalator at the mall in search of t-shirts that fit him.

for a little variety, we'll close with a couple of videos.

It was kinda cool that his post sickness hoarseness coincided with him learning what a lion says. It was better earlier in the week, but this was still good.

And his new, self taught and entirely surprising trick of the week is opening doors. He closed himself in the laundry room and i sat on the other side of the door laughing at him while he banged on the door. Then, as if by magic, the handle turned and the door opened. And it wasn't a fluke because I then watched him to it 10 more times. Fortunately all of our exterior doors have knobs.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Duck , Duck....Gross

I predicted not much interesting would be going on this week, and, as with most things in life, I was right.

All of the real interesting action has been happening at night, in the bedroom..... because Riley has been sick all week and can't stay down for more than a couple of hours.

The snotty head hit him hard on Monday and by Wednesday night he was coughing. We took him to the doc just to be sure it wasn't anything important. The nurse heard him cough once and suggested croup. Doc never heard him cough but said it may be a mild case and gave him some cough suppressant/decongestant that helped him sleep a little.
It seems like he gets really pissy and cranky when he takes it during the day, so he's only getting it at night.

Though he was not his usual self, we were still able to have a little fun.

Last Sunday he got to feed ducks for the first time at a nearby park. The ducks were mostly crippled and pitiful,and living in filth, but he doesn't know the difference.

He was quite drawn to a family with a bunch of babies.

Week 68 018

But the momma didn't like the idea of him being around and he, fortunately, got the message.

Week 68 019

he's been playing on his slide pretty much every day, and has gotten pretty good at getting on it properly and by himself. He still likes to tease that he's gonna go noggin first though.

Week 68 001

Saturday morning, he was up early as he had been all week, so I loaded him up in the truck to let mommy go back to sleep. We made it to Chik-fil-a right as they opened at 6:30.
He got to try their playground for the first time, and it was a letdown. he's too adventurous for their small toys, but too small for their big toys.

Week 68 003

Then we walked around the UL campus and Girard park where he was able to commune with more ducks and a few moderately aggressive geese.

Week 68 005
Week 68 006

Eventually it was lunchtime and since Johnson's Boucaniere was having a band playing on the porch, we decided to head over there. (as if that made the difference)
Unfortunately the kid that averages 45 minutes per nap, stayed down for 2.5 hours and we missed the music, but he needed it, so it was ok.

At Johnsons' he did his usual wooing of the women and punching of the cash register buttons. Then he played one of his favorite games with Nonnie. I don't know which game it was, because there are a few that all end in his favorite way..... with him upside down.

Week 68 041
Week 68 043
Week 68 042

Sunday morning he beat the sun up so we hopped in the Jeep and headed over to Meche's, where he stuffed his piehole with donut holes.

Week 68 051
Week 68 055

The combination of snot and donut glazing crusted to his face just makes him irresistibly cute, huh?

Week 68 061

Amazingly, it felt awesome outside this morning, so we took advantage and headed over to the park closest to our house.
The slides there were too complex for him (they all have curves that he kept falling off the side of.) But we tried.

Week 68 070
Week 68 071

Since he was still in a good mood, we headed over to Thomas Park, where they have a few slides a little more suitable for him.

He wasn't really interested in the rock wall until I showed him how it worked. Then he wanted to give it a try. That was a dud though, since he has the grip strength of , well, a 16 month old.

Week 68 093
Week 68 100
Week 68 091

He then showed us that he's much better at climbing ramps than walls.

Week 68 126
Week 68 131

He also proudly enjoyed the view from the top. (5 feet off of the ground.)

Week 68 117
Week 68 123

He had fun playing with the Teva sole ground cover.
Week 68 081

But, best of all they have gears that he can spin.

Week 68 076
Week 68 079

Since i feel that I've let you down humor wise this week, I'll leave you with a couple of funny video clips from other people. (sorry to those people like me who have You Tube blocked at work.)

First, the newest local sensation-- Cajun OnStar.

No, not everyone talks like that, but some people do.

And a little Mitch Hedberg.