Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Down

Last week you saw photos of a baby all covered in biological gunk. A baby we were surprised to see so soon.

This week you'll see a baby not covered in biological gunk and a baby we aren't surprised to see.

This will be a long one with lots of pictures (thats what she said?)

Part I-- The Incarceration

Before we brought Avery to the nursery we brought Riley in for our first family time. Pics of this meeting are sparse because she was also having her first meal, and this just isn't that kind of website (unless you sign up for the $29 monthly membership)


Then, as per protocol, we abandoned her in the nursery to be the subject of secret government experiment and to receive her security tag capable of putting the whole hospital on lockdown if you get too close to a stairwell or door.





Riley's first act as a big brother was to fuss at the nurses through the window for hurting his little sister. He was legitimately upset, which answers a burning question we had, yes he is human or at least capable of having human emotions.

In addition to having a mass of dark hair, Avery was also a few rhinestones and some yellow polish away from being a star cashier at WalMart. Her mommy fixed that real quick like.


and then they both got some sleep, which seems to be what WalMart cashiers are doing when we are forced to go there.


with her newly shorn fingernails she confirmed that she is Riley's sister and went straight for the thumb.


The rest of the stay was pretty uneventful. All of the nursery nurses and a few of the floor nurses were really good.

Surprisingly, there were only a couple of employees whose personalities and idiocy made me want to rip their heads off (and one of them was a supervisor).

After a couple of days cooped up in that small, drab room, we were paroled and made our way home.




But while we were there, Riley had his own doctor's visit, just to be safe. Our pediatrician, who we really like, told us that in the last month she had put 5 infants in the ICU with RSV that they got from older siblings. That's more kids than she had put into ICU in her 5 years of practice. You could see in her face that it was something that bothered her.

Because Riley had been snotty for a few days, she urged us to get him tested. Fortunately, he passed, and she was visibly relieved. She is either a great actor (doubtful) or she really cares about her patients (probable) and she definitely won us over even more just by showing that she cares.

That visit then led to a week of me having to play "Dr. Hubal" [sic] and let Riley listen to my "heartbeep" and check my eyes for eyelashes.


Part II- Homecoming Week

It was everything you remember about Homecoming Week, just without the cheerleaders, jocks, marching bands, pep rallies and awkward dances.

Avery has gotten progressively more eye opening, literally.



and her hair has demonstrated the insane ability to stay in a mohawk no matter what.


i had forgotten how many silly faces they involuntarily make, especially when sleeping. I was actually momentarily concerned a couple of days ago because her eyes were doing weird Stevie Wonder type movements. Then I realized she had just opened her eyes in her sleep. But that almost makes it more creepy.



Riley has taken to her pretty well, treating her just a couple of steps better than he does Jimmy.

He has rocked her.


and let her lay in his bed.


Held her hand for comfort through he first "bath"



and had sing-alongs while playing spastic movement peek-a-boo



He has only shown a little bit of jealousy toward Avery, but that manifested in the form of mimicry.


he got into a little fight with his cousin Caroline over whose baby it was, but, generally, he's been a pretty sweet kid about everything.


Most people seem to ask me, "Is she sleeping?"

To which i can only reply, " I don't know, but I am."

Despite what Ben Stiller said, there's not much I can do to take care of the baby's most basic need. But from my semi-well rested vantage point, it seems that everything is going well.

And we are less scared this time around and have started allowing occasional tummy sleep when she's having trouble.


Joan has posting privileges, so she may come on and tell the actual horror story of her current life as a 2x mother, but things are sunny behind my rose colored glasses.

Thats pretty much it for the organized thoughts, if that what you want to call what you've just read ( I mean skimmed over while looking at pictures.) Now here's some randomness.

I figure you can't be a truly obnoxious new parent unless you post a video of your kid sleeping.

But this one is actually kinda funny (to me) because it is a 4 day old snoring.

and Riley's musical "talents" have been steadily progressing. He's got the rage of a metal drummer, and the posture of an old blues man.

Here's his percussive interpretation of Mahna Mahna

and the same song jazzed out with his Nanny on the "bandstand", while hitting himself in the eye with his saxophone (easier than you might think)

for reference sake, here's what he thinks he's playing

While it is mildly fun to be doing this again, I can't guarantee weekly posting, so be sure to sign up on the right to receive emails when new posts go up.


Lindsey said...

Both Joan and Avery look beautiful! I definitely see you in Avery. Congratulations on the beautiful family addition and I'm glad that Riley has taken a liking to her. Think she will get her first pair of sunglasses soon?

Katie said...

I thought she looked like a Wallace, but there are a couple of pictures here where she looks just like Granny Lynn!
She's sooo cute, and I can't wait for a play date!

bwallace said...

Im thinking sunglasses by Festival, if we can find any that small.

Emily D'Elia said...

She's adorable, guys! You did good!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby! So happy for you guys. A precious little family. Enjoy!

Casey Dupre said...

Beautiful. I have you guys on RSS so I get em all :) Love your posts.

Christi said...

Glad you are back, even though maybe not regular. Love the picture of Riley in the basket.

Bobby said...

Congrats! Avery is beautiful!