Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleeping like a..... how you say?

based on the doctors visit last week, Joan has begun to expand her diet. She has reintroduced Evangeline Maid bread, but has to be careful about other breads, which often contain dairy products. She's also introduced beef, graham crackers, and non shellfish sushi.

Riley only had a couple of fits over the weekend. One could have been attributable to Joan having eaten a breaded chicken sandwich from McD's which may have contained dairy. It could also have been because the Prevacid does not seem to work as well as the Zantac. While he's having less bathroom related fits, his fits now fit the reflux symptoms very well before it's time for another dose.

Fortunately, Lesley came over for the weekend and was able to help out alot. She was rewarded by him going comatose on her while we went shopping.

Week 7 113
he is resting more peacefully though, especially when we treat him to a little (supervised) Tempurpedic time.

Week 7 083

Week 7 084

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