Monday, May 19, 2008

The Corsican Syndrome

ok, not quite, but it is funny how Riley and Caroline are able to coordinate crying outbursts.
I don't know if it is like dogs in the neighborhood talking to each other or what, but we observed the phenomenon twice this week.

On Sunday she was being "fighting off the sleep fussy" as he was sitting right next to her, with no reason to complain, but did anyway.

On Wednesday, we gave Joan and Paul's mom her Mother's Day present (a double wide jogging stroller), and had her grandkids all set up for a first walk, until they had simultaneous fits.

Week 7 016

Pretty soon they'll be knocking over liquor stores and robbing banks together (fine by me, so long as I get a cut.)

Finally just for fun, here a couple of shots of the cousins just chillin' at Riley's crib (literally, not in the "dats my crib dawg" way)

Week 7 crib 002

Week 7 crib 001

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