Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Third Strike

The third and final storm of our shower season hit this weekend.

Thanks to Aunt Connie (The crafty cake maker) and Cousin Amy (The practical parent), for putting it all together, along with Aunt Sherie (The elegant hostess), for providing the facilities.

The theme was some sort of post apocalyptic setting, where rubber ducks have become pirates and taken over the world.

March 8 & 9 018 fixed

Ok, maybe thats a little stretch, but there were plenty of rubber ducks, pirates, and pirate rubber ducks to go around.

March 8 & 9 017

And as usual, Connie rose to the occasion with the ridiculously crafty idea of making pacifier decorations out of 2 lifesaver mints and a jelly bean.

March 8 & 9 028

Way to go Connie.
Even MacGyver is impressed with that one.

(sorry, I couldn't resist using my preschool level Photochop "skills" to make that extremely out of proportion pic)

Neither of us is pirate obsessed, but once we registered for the bedding, the theme kinda took off on its own. We're fine with it. It is infinitely better (for us) than some generic sports theme, or lots of pastel flowers. Plus I'm already planning a really cool toddler bed (with a slide) to look like a pirate's hideaway.

In keeping with the theme, here's the pirate's booty plundered at the shower:

March 8 & 9 040

Notice the dozens of small rubber ducks. They are an overwhelming force.

And though these items weren't handed over at any shower, we must thank Heather and Trey for leasing us (at no cost, I think) their baby swing, baby seat, and two car seat bases. They were thoughtful enough, when having Lillian, to register for gender neutral colors, so our boy won't be getting all softened up when using their stuff.

Not only has borrowing their items saved us a good bit of money, it has played a small role in helping to save the environment, and you know, just by looking at what we drive, that we're all about stopping global warming. ;)


Loula said...

1. Keep this photo, because you will never again have time to arrange so many items so artfully.

2. shower photos but mostly baby photos. Baby Wallace will have his turn, don't you worry.

3. I hope his Who Dat onesie still fits by the time the season starts.

Joan said...

1. Just to be clear, BRANDON arranged all that.

2. Can't wait until we can have pics of TWO babies at family functions!

3. Don't worry, he will wear it as soon as it fits, regardless of what sports season it is!

Anonymous said...

hey hey, don't sell yerself short. them photoshoppin' skillz is coming along niiiicely