Saturday, March 29, 2008

Under Pressure

No, I'm not referencing the Queen song than Vanilla Ice ripped off.
I'm referring to Joan's blood pressure.

This has been one of the most uncomplicated pregnancies in history, until this week.

Wednesday, Joan started having elevated blood pressure. She was placed under observation Wednesday and Thursday but it was never high enough to warrant taking any action.

This morning, Saturday, March 29, some lab results came back showing signs that inducing labor would be a good idea. At about 10 in the morning, the on call doctor told us to head on over whenever convenient.

We checked in right at noon and the process has started.

hospital 1 008

She's on some drug right now that they'll run for at least 12 hours before administering Pitocin, the real labor drug.

At this point we're hanging out at the hospital until sometime after midnight when they'll plug in the good stuff and really get the ball rolling.

I can plug the laptop in at the family waiting area, and i'll post up if anything happens worth talking about. By this time tomorrow, we should have a kid.

hospital 1 018

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