Sunday, March 30, 2008

8 am update

Looks like being exposed to plenty of talk radio in the womb makes for a very opinionated baby.

Unfortunately the only opinion he will express so far is, " I hate Oxytocin." This is very unfortunate since that is the chemical helping him to be born.

At about 4:30 they cut off the drug because he was pitching a fit after every contraction. I headed home, melted into my bed and got an hour and a half of sleep. Lesley, working on 3 hours of sleep, stayed with Joan who got maybe 30 minutes total.They allowed her to eat some Jello and take a shower, so conditions aren't as miserable as they could be.

The on call doc came in at 7:30 and laid out the new game plan. Joan is now 3 centimeters dilated and having regular contractions on her own. As such, the doctor is going to proceed with natural labor, no more inducing drugs, and may come back in a little while to break the water. Another centimeter or so, and a very rich man will come and stick a needle into her back to make it all seem better.

Essentially we are now, after 20 hours in the hospital, at the same point that someone who came in on their own would be. Yay. Thank (your chosen deity) for health insurance.

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