Sunday, March 2, 2008

Continued Showers in the Forecast

The Second Storm in this year's shower season arrived at our house last weekend.
Due to the living arrangements of Joan's gal friends, our house became the host location of the Co-Ed Friends Shower.

Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to Lesley, Heather (and Trey), and Virginia (and Mitch) for getting it all together. Even though it was at our house, they made sure we didn't lift a finger.

It was a mad house for a little while. There were 5 kids here between the age of 5 months and 14 months. Jimmy did quite well, even when being chased around by the bipedal tots.

Our guests were able to enjoy Central Grocery Muffulettas courtesy of Lesley, Heather's Hot Crawfish Dip, and a variety of finger sandwiches from Virginia's secret source (really, she protects this person's identity like a drug dealer)

Special thanks also to Ms. Rachel Lato (Heather's Mom) for making a pretty cool cake.

CoedShower 01

Yes, it's not your traditional cake, but it is modeled after the invitation to the shower.

invite 002

Holding the distinction of being my oldest friend, and Joan's second oldest friend (behind me, of course) Lesley knew immediately that there would be no invitation in the world more fitting of us than that one.

Also, I must present the "Courage In Gift Giving Award" to my co-worker Ms. Kathleen Will. Despite being afflicted with near debilitating LSU Fan Disease (forgivable because she was in Tiger Band), Kathleen had the strength and good taste to venture into the Vermilion and White baby clothes section and get our boy some pretty cool little Cajuns gear. Good job Kathleen, there's still hope for you.

Now going to T&L's shower, a shower for Liz here, and a family shower for Joan next weekend and shower season will be done. (fortunately I'm only welcome at one of those)

And before we depart, let me grace you with my deep thought for the day. Just a small piece of wisdom I've gained in my many years on Earth:

Marriage is .........


.......always having someone to check your teeth before a photo.

Deep, huh?


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