Sunday, March 30, 2008

1 am status report.

Been here approximately 13 hours.
Started Oxytocin, the labor drug, at 11 ish.
Apparently he doesn’t like it when his home contracts around him and he starts getting all pissy and making his heart rate slow down. That causes the nurses to have to put down their microwaveable Campbell’s Chunky soup and come straighten him out. Don’t know what that’s gonna mean in the long term, but we’ll find out within the next few hours.

Due to the lack of ability to have steady contractions, I’m doubting much progress has been made. That’s not a good sign since neither of us has slept yet.

She’s counting on sleeping whenever they give her the epidural. I’m hoping to go sleep in the truck whenever Lesley gets back from sleeping at our house. Too many clicks, buzzes and thumps in here to really get any rest. Nothing like a hospital couch to make you appreciate the wonders of Tempurpedic.

I’d step outside to get some fresh air, but there are too many patients out there in their hospital gowns smoking with their low-rider driving, wife beater wearing boyfriends. Oh well, my tax money has to go somewhere.

I’ll go ahead and post this before I get any meaner.

hospital 2 001

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