Sunday, March 30, 2008


Started pushing a few minutes after the last post.

At 3:51 pm on Sunday March 30, 2008, Riley Evans Wallace arrived at Womens & Children's Hospital weighing 6 lbs 2 ozs and stretching 19.5 inches in length.

hospital 4 034

He had plenty of eager fans awaiting his arrival

hospital 4 035

Kristin the delivery nurse was great.

His head got a little coned in the birthing process.

hospital 4 008 edit

His hair is a dirty blonde and his eyes are the typical baby blue-gray.

hospital 4 043

Mommy is doing fine and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her sushi.

hospital 4 054


Anonymous said...

I think he is adorable!
He has some of Joan's features, but he looks more like Brandon's dad--probably secondary to the fact that all babies tend to look like old men! HA!
Joan--you look great!
I can't wait to meet him!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from the Webbs!!! He's absolutely beautiful!! And YES, boys can be pretty :). Glad all went well. Hope to see you both soon.

Robert and Patrice

Unknown said...

What a cutie!! Must have some Darby features b/c I can see some resemblance b/w him and Caroline. Hope you all get to go home soon and not have to hangout at the hospital a few nights like we did.

Anonymous said...

There is definitely a Darby family resemblance when Riley chews on his lower lip! I am so happy for you and Brandon!!!I will see the three of you tomorrow.