Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 1

ok I'm not going to post an update everyday of his life, but maybe at least for the first few.

Today, after a little surgical procedure, it was time to take visitors.

He had plenty throughout the day. Family, friends and crews from B&F and RHH (who count as friends).
Only one person cried, but she, admittedly, has baby fever right now.

Mom and Dad even got to hold him a few times.

In this picture he is obviously cowering from somethng very scary across the room.

lynn hospital 119

What worries me about the pic below is the very Stewie Griffin-like look in his eyes. I fear for my safety, I really do.
lynn hospital 130

The diaper changes have been heart-wrenching, due to his procedure, but otherwise he's pretty content.

He even got to meet his playmate Anna, who was interested in petting him for about half a second until she decided to play with her shoe.

lynn hospital 110

Should get to go home tomorrow.
We really miss our bed.

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Katie said...

Hey, a few tears that never spill over the lids does NOT constitute crying!
I was honored to meet Riley today. Congratulations!