Sunday, July 27, 2008

Livin' & Learnin'

Another good week in the books.
He's been really happy lately, and, while he's not sleeping perfectly, he's not having sleep problems.
We've still had the problem of aliens breaking into the house and rolling him over in his sleep. That's the only plausible explanation for him ending up on his back every night, as we still haven't seen him in the act of rolling over.

We got Joan a bike this week, so we've been on a few family rides in the evening. He still seems indifferent, but it at least gets us outside.

Friday, he got to ride on the Jeep for a few minutes. Again, he seemed indifferent, but we'll break him in slowly. And, despite what the pic below would lead you to believe, he was happy once we got moving.

week 17 010

Once at Hub City Diner, he tried to be mature and take part in the conversation, but it's hard to give respect to the opinions of a man with a big drop of drool ready to fall from his chin.

week 17 014

or to take seriously a man who can be entertained for 10 minutes with nothing more than a mirror.

week 17 017

Saturday, he accompanied us to our traditional anniversary breakfast, which has now relocated from IHOP to Another Broken Egg. He was happy the whole time we were there and put on quite the show (for all the ladies) with his table dancing.

week 17 027
week 17 033
(don't worry, we are still married. she just happened to forget to put her rings on the one time that we happened to get a pic with her left hand clearly visible. It's probably better for the camera though. All of that bling would have fried the electronics.)

After the meal, he gave in to the magical calming effects of falling water and even cooled his legs of with a little dip in the fountain.

week 17 034
week 17 038

He's learned to be friends with the frog that hangs from his car seat, but sometimes tries to eat the back legs.

week 17 026

and he wants to thank cousin Codi for the comfortable animal print socks. They fit well [even though they are probably made for girls ;)]

week 17 023

And thanks to the Breauxs for his first piece of authentic Disney World clothing. He could feel the magic through the threads and anxiously awaits his first trip.

week 17 009

We didn't get to make it to Blue Moon this week, but we are not missing the show next Saturday, for The Figs' cd release. They'll be playing with Dire Wood (Joan's cousin J's band, and he produced the Figs cd).
It should be a great night of local music.
You can listen to the new music on their MySpace page. Great music for adults and kids.


Thanks for stopping by.


frannie77 said...

OMG! The little face he is making in the picture of him sitting on Joan's lap at Another Broken Egg is just too cute ~ melting! Anna used to make that face a lot when she was younger, now not so much, and oh how I miss it. He is just too cute!

Robyn said...

How cute. Enjoy the time when they are young. They grow up so fast.

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