Sunday, July 20, 2008

Growth Spurt

After a few weeks of sleeping 8-9 hours straight every night, the little tot decided it would be a good week for a growth spurt, which requires him to wake up every 3-5 hours to eat. Despite still being a small kid, he seems so big to us. And his hair is getting a lot thicker, drowning out the stark contrast of his mullet. He almost looks like a human.

It's funny to think that at this time last year, he was, literally, just a couple of cells that no one knew existed (even us). Now he's got his own website getting a couple hundred hits a week. Pretty cool progression.

The work week was pretty uneventful, nothing really to talk about other than the fact that he continues to roll over, but only when no one is looking. And he's paying a lot more attention to the things around him, regularly staring at Jimmy (the dog) or at Anna playing on the floor.

Saturday we went to BR, where he got to meet Ms. Heather (a lawyer worth liking) again and meet Lillian and Mr. Trey for the first time.

week 16 001
week 16 004

After watching the whirlwind that is 18 month old Lillian, he headed over to spend some time with his far more subdued cousin Caroline, who has the ability to sleep in incredibly uncomfortable looking positions.

week 16 007

One complaint we had when living in BR, aside from LSU's existence, was the lack of restaurants. Yesterday though, Paul and Liz introduced us to a new place that, while not 5 star, was definitely worth the trip.
The eatery is called Nagoya and is on Sherwood, south of I-12 (next to Picadilly, in the old Marcello's/carwash building) It is a huge buffet, but not like most Asian buffets around here.
The focal point of the bar is sushi. Now, most sushi on buffets sucks-- low quality and little variety. Not at Nagoya. They have probably 20-30 rolls, of every different variety, to choose from, including gourmet type rolls that would run $10-12 at most sushi bars. Plus, they're well made and fresh.
It's probably the only buffet Joan can eat, because, unless it has cream cheese, it's a pretty sure bet that sushi rolls don't contain dairy, unlike the mystery trays at all other buffets.
They also have the traditional Mongolian grill, and fruit bar. Their hot food is more limited and is more Japanese than most buffets. Their cold salad section includes octopus and squid salads which I tried, once.
For dessert they have 12 different types of ice cream, including ginger, green tea, plum wine and red bean if you want to venture away from the typical anglo flavors. The price was a bargain ($11 at lunch, $15 after 4) and the service was great. At one point, while I was trying to eat and entertain Riley at the same time, the waitress came and took his teddy bear from me and played with him for a few minutes. That's service.

He could learn a little from Caroline, who was happy to sit in her car seat and blow spit bubbles the whole time, while he demanded a little more attention.

week 16 009

He calmed down once he spotted the big screen TV above the table and became hypnotized. He's also begun spotting the TV at home, so we'll be fighting that soon. I don't know how well we'll hold up with the "No TV Till You're 2 Rule", but we'll try our best.
And despite the appearance of the pic below, no we did not let him have any sake.

week 16 010

But by the looks of the tension around his waistband, he might have been hitting the buffet when we weren't looking.

week 16 003

(i acknowledge that he is wearing different clothes in those two pics, but they are from the same day. He had what would be properly called "a blowout" between them which required emergency wardrobe modifications.

Next Saturday he'll get his first, outside of the house, baby sitting experience when he stays with Joan's parents (who I don't think have settled on grandparent's names.) They'll be pulling the evening shift while we celebrate our 6th Anniversary by going back to what used to be a regular Saturday night itinerary of going out to eat and then heading to the Blue Moon (the only "bar " worth going to) to check out Richard Revue, after their long absence from the Moon's stage.


Adios till next week.

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frannie77 said...

Man, he is really growing fast and he is so super cute!