Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just get it out.

After a pretty good stretch of good weeks, this week was kinda rough for the boy.
Something in his body has changed the regularity of his digestive evacuations. He's gone from multiple times daily to once every few days. The books say it's normal, but after about 2 days it becomes obvious that he is uncomfortable, and he starts to refuse to eat. Combine that with evening tiredness and we've got a screamin' demon on our hands.

Plus the straining leads to some less than cool faces.

week 18 015
Fortunately, we go to the doc on Monday, so we'll get to chat about it then.

Other than those problems, the week was alright. His mom stayed home on Friday to watch him, and Lesley came in to help. I'm sure he and Anna were starved for attention by the end of the day.

On a "I don't know if it's good or bad" note, after a couple of months of gumming on his hands, he's learned to suck his thumb. Now, for the first time, he can put himself back to sleep without adult intervention. It's great that no one has to run to him every time he wakes up, but I've seen too many kids that go too long with the thumb, and I don't look forward to trying to break that habit.
Maybe once he learns to put pacifiers/teethers in his mouth, on his own, he'll stray from the thumb.

week 18 009

So much for a status update.
Only thing to really look forward to this week is more shots. Yay!

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