Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scaled Back

So, for those of you not in the know, Toy Story 1 & 2 came out this week on BluRay and DVD.
We watched TS2 on Blu Ray and it is awesome.
It was almost like there were a bunch of toys actually playing in our TV.
I highly recommend going out and getting them both. They've got some pretty good deals going if you do a little net searching first.

and don't forget, before you buy a stand-alone Blu Ray player, compare its costs to a PS3.
Going with the PS3 is probably worth it.

On to the weekend:
Loyal readers will remember that for Riley's first birthday we had a crawfish boil for over 75 people (see "Its Big and Fun" in the right sidebar)
This year, for a number of reasons, we decided to scale things back alot.
Saturday we had just our immediate families, Riley's Nanny and her beau, Jeff, over.

The small scale gave Riley a chance to give and get some cousinly love (appropriately, not hillbillily)

Week 104 (21)
Week 104 (26)

Of course, if you've been here before, you know that this week's title has nothing to do with our bathroom scale.

Never a family to make healthy decisions, we opted not just for cake, but also for bread pudding from Johnson's Boucaniere.

Week 104 (11)
Week 104 (20)

the local bread pudding looked even better on the Lafayette landmark plate that Eli and 'Manda got us for Christmas.

Week 104 (13)
(click to get to the full size w/ detail)

The cake was from Anjo's.
We've had it before when they call it Mardi Gras cake, but this week it is Easter Cake.

three different layers of cake: yellow, raspberry and almond.
Two different fillings: strawberry and White
Coated with a light whipped icing.

It is really good, especially chilled.

Week 104 (65)

Riley was eager to dig in and had to be held back

Week 104 (53)
Week 104 (56)

and was surprisingly successful at blowing out the candle.

Week 104 (58)

Riley and Caroline enjoyed.

Week 104 (62)

Frankly, one of the reasons for a scaled down party is we wouldn't have room for a whole lot of presents. But Riley did like the "new toys" he got.

While I hoped he would hop right on his new Strider bike, he refused.
He likes walking with it, but just not in the straddle position.

Week 104 (43)

but its got a spinning wheel, which is all he requires for a premium plaything.

and to go along with the new Toy Story DVDs, he got Woody and Buzz toys, and Toy Story coloring supplies, along with a bunch of helicopters and a new, giant Tonka truck.

Week 104 (96)
Week 104 (98)

(in an attempt to excuse the character themed commercialism that we usually try to eschew, here's my justification for all of the Disney stuff: We're trying to prep him for our Disney trip in December, and since the TS characters are everywhere, we're trying to get him to know and love them. But I still stick to my two Commandments. Thou shalt not bring Elmo into my home; and Thou Shalt not bring Barney into my home, lest ye face the wrath scary, huh?)

Lesley, having recently been to the Super Bowl, tried to teach Riley to catch.
Unsuccessful in this take.

But Jeff, who was at the big game with her, did better with handoff technique

To finish off the evening, we ordered from BJ's.
Hard to beat a good old Full House.
and for those that don't know, their sausage pizza uses breakfast style sausage. Killa!

Week 104 (101)
Week 104 (100)
(don't forget about 40% off Mondays)

Sunday, being the nerds we are, we were cooking for the week by 8am.
The weather was nice, so for the first time in months, I cranked up the Egg and seared up some fajita meat from HEB.

Week 104 (119)
Week 104 (120)

It should be good once we finish all the cake and bread pudding that we've been substituting for meals.

Later, despite previously witnessing juvenille violent crime and a train derailment (catch a first person account at the Tanory Tantrum) we headed to the zoo.

Since I'm pretty open here I'll let you know our reason: The reason we went to the zoo was that he saw his stroller in Joan's car and said, "That's Riley's stroller. I go see animals at zoo."

So, of course, we went to the zoo. Who's the Boss?

Despite the crowd that would seem trashy even by WalMart standards, and the general filth that permeates the zoo, its actually a pretty cool resource to have nearby.

You can get close to the animals and run up a hill.
That's 100% compliance for certification as an official "Cool Zoo to a 2 Year Old"

Week 104 (130)
Week 104 (140)

The highlight of the trip was that he got to ride to lunch in Nonnie's Jeep.

Week 104 (144)

Lunch at Royal Panda was typical. Riley acted like a ham and Caroline ate like an adult.

Week 104 (145)
Week 104 (146)

the little bit he did eat consisted mainly of his first ice cream cone.

Week 104 (152)

But, as you can see, he is pretty inefficient and not understanding that eating an ice cream cone is a race against the clock.

then, since he dropped his cool guy sunglasses into the monkey moat at the zoo, we were forced to bravely venture into the mall.
He actually fit in a little (to the extent that, like most people there, his clothes were too small for him.)

Week 104 (163)
Week 104 (161)
(I know, those shots have nothing to do with that stament, but I like 'em so i'll post 'em)

Finally, a video clip to give all you mothers out there a heart attack.

A game Uncle Eli and I created this summer that we call "That Thing Where We Each Hold an Arm and a Leg and Spin Him."
Riley likes it.

Unfortunately Necessary Disclaimer- We are very careful not to swing him too hard and not to put any shock forces on his joints. 'Bout as safe as you can be and still have fun. But thanks to me, we've almost met our deductible this year, so whats a little ER visit?

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