Sunday, March 21, 2010

How big is the hill?

As much as I would love to regale you with wondrous, hilarious, adventurous tales from this past week, I won't.
because it was a pretty routine-ish week.

Now, that won't stop me from posting, it'll just stop me from gaining any new readers.

To save time we'll fast forward to Friday, the day on which I embarked on my fourth decade on the planet. (that sounds way older than saying 30)

I started the day exactly like most youngsters do, having blood drawn for tests and making a cardiologist appointment.

If that doesn't scream "youth" I don't know what does.

Which brings me to philosophical ponderings:

When are you over the hill?
30, 40, 50?

And is the hill the same for everyone?
Going back 2 generations, I only have one direct-line ascendant who has made it past 60, so if the hill is a flexible concept, I'm on the downslope.
Joan, on the other hand, has never had a relative die before 80 (i think) and still has some living relatives who went to school with Abe Lincoln (or as they called him, Funny-Hat McBeardface). Thus, though older than me, she is still little-engine-that-could'ing up the grade.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. (if that's legal in your state)

But, as a birthday present to me, I gave me the day off.

It was borderline warm enough for Jeeping, so Riley and I went topless to Bach Lunch.

Week 103 (3)

The place was crowded for the great weather and Bonsoir Catin.

Week 103 (5)
Week 103 (7)

Riley didn't like the volume level and was kinda embarrassed and style cramped to be there with just his old man, so we didn't stay long.

To punish him for his scorning me, I went and scored myself a burrito from Taco Sisters and made him watch me eat it while drowning in toddler jealousy.

Week 103 (9)

ok, not quite true. Though their burritos are spectacular, he doesn't know it.
And, since I'm actually a nice guy, we stopped and saw Granny at work and he had red velvet cake, while I ate.

Week 103 (10)

Product Plug- Taco Sisters is now open 11-2 on Saturdays and until 6 during the week. Well worth the trip down Johnston to Vermilion. this is high quality food. Find 'em on Facebook. If only Taco Sisters and Johnson's would move to the Southside, I could live my life in a 1 mile wide bubble.

Event Plug- Mark your calendars for the Good Friday Bach Lunch in 2 weeks featuring The Howdies. They're the bomb-diggy-yo. Made with Pure Lighting.
< /crass commercialism>

After much needed haircuts, we headed to Downtown Alive to meet most of our family and friends.

Week 103 (19)

Riley and Gabe battled for Nonnie's affection, though they both suck at climbing.

Week 103 (25)

Jake and Gavin got the obligatory "South Louisiana, Make It Look Like the Baby is Drinking" shot.

Week 103 (23)

and Riley was as cheesy as ever.

Week 103 (29)
literally- he had Cheez-its all over his face.

Saturday we headed to the cess-pool to visit Heather and Trey's newest accessory, Ian.

Week 103 (30)

Riley was a little confused by the fact that there is a baby whose name is not Gavin, but he got over it by doing some gardening with Ian's big sister, Lillian.

Week 103 (34)
Week 103 (35)

Then, since we can't leave BR without being uncomfortably full, we headed over to Nagoya.
Despite dozens of selections of good sushi, traditional Asian buffet items and Pineapple rice......

Week 103 (41)
Week 103 (40)

Riley chose Cheez-its and yogurt. Trailer trash gourmet, but it's in his DNA.

Week 103 (37)

and, like always, the highlight was the fish pond, where Riley identified "fish", "turtles", and "trash," the three necessary elements of a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Week 103 (44)
Week 103 (45)

our abnormally large lunch (by most human standards) precluded dinner that evening, which I think makes it a great bargain. (forget the future medical expenses it accelerates)

Sunday morning, ready to once again pig out, we headed to Another Broken Egg with my family and Joan's parents.

Gavin eyed the food,

Week 103 (61)

Riley ignored the food,

Week 103 (63)

and I documented the food (specifically my strawberry banana pancake)

Week 103 (65)

and, again, I don't think we'll be eating another meal today.

Now a couple of stories about the wonders of technology.

We were able to find a new home for the squatter dog that showed up last week.

We posted her everywhere that someone looking for a lost pet would try, and after 5 days of no response, we deemed her abandoned.

Fortunately, we were able to find someone looking for a new pet who picked her up Wednesday.

What was cool was how fast the email that i sent to about 30 friends got around. Within a day, people I know in Lafayette were getting the email from people I don't know in other cities.
The person who got the dog received the email with at least three degrees separation from anyone I know.
It was neat to see the 'net work for something other that than pictures of the People of Wal mart, fake vIAgra and ciAli$ ads, and rumor emails about how various companies and the US Mint have, in fact, killed God.

Finally, Joan was very crafty and scored me a pretty cool birthday present, a Canon PowerShot SD960 IS Digital Elph.

Most of the shots on this site are taken with our Nikon D60 digital SLR camera, which takes great photos, but isn't always practical to lug around. Our old point & shoot wasn't pocket size and is starting to age, so we now have this one.
It is tiny, but takes good shots, boots quickly and shoots video in HD.

Here's a few that we played with.

Video documentation of an event that was thought extinct 18 months ago--- Caroline allowing herself to be fed, however briefly, with a spoon, by an adult. (she's usually too independent.)

And somehow, from some story book, Riley has concluded that anytime you smell a flower, you have to sneeze. We didn't know this but it worked out to be quite humorous on our Saturday afternoon trip to the nursery.

and finally, the ABC's.
I told him he had to know the alphabet before he turned 2, or he was going to boarding school in Kazakhstan.
But given the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Kazakh Tenge, I'll call this substantially correct enough to keep him around.

Next weekend he gets his birthday bike. and I can post that here, because he doesn't like this site, so he'll never see it.
He probably won't like the bike, but it'll make me feel cool, and that's why we have kids anyway, right?
no, seriously, you agree, huh?

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