Monday, March 15, 2010

Temporary Solution

Thanks to all who helped spread the word, we found the dog a new home, so disregard this post but for memory's sake.

Got in late last night and having crappy internet this morning.
hopefully a real post will come this evening.

But in the meantime:

Friday evening an adult female, fat dog, looking to be a yellow lab mix took up residence on our doorstep and will not leave.
She has no tags and no microchip implant.
i've walked her all around the neighborhood and she hasn't gone toward any home. I have signs up in our 'hood and those around us.
The local no kill options seem to all be full.

Anyone have any suggestions or want a dog?
She's very friendly and soft, and was clean.
If we dont hear something in the next few days, we may have to do what we don't want to do and take her to the parish pound which is a pretty bad place to be a stray adult dog.

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