Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Break

This week wasn't nearly as busy as the last few, so this post will be appropriately short.
Riley's been snotty sick all week and waking up a lot.
He's also about to pop some molars.
Don't know if those two are related, but if not, he's got really bad luck because he always gets snotty sick right as he's getting new teeth.

In addition to his developing language skills, he is also developing dancing skills far worse than my own, which is really bad.
He uses lots of deep knee bends and arm waving.
His arm motions are very reminiscent of The Bushwackers if any of you watched WWF in the late 80's.

He demonstrated those skills for us Saturday at Johnson's while listening to the Zydeco Stomp on KRVS.

Week 62 020

He actually ate at Johnson's on Friday and Saturday. He even came close to finishing a Pork stuffed grilled cheese sandwich, which is quite a feat for such a little kid (it contains a hamburger bun, two slices of cheese and a layer of pulled pork.)

Week 62 014

He finally got to sport his Willie Nelson onesie that I got in his first trimester.

Week 62 032

Friday evening, he wore himself out at downtown Alive.

Week 62 076
Week 62 078

And Saturday, he had fun at Filling Station for Poppy's birthday.

Week 62 046
Week 62 052

We've moved one step closer to the emergency room, since he has now learned to climb up onto the windowsill in the living room.

Week 62 034

Here he is trying his best to lift two "balls" at Fresh Market.

Week 62 080

if only he knew they contained what is probably his favorite food.

In closing, here's our little melon head.

Week 62 082

I don't guarantee good content, just a cute pic or two, so this post is officially a success (by my admittedly low standards.)

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