Sunday, June 21, 2009

Speed Slide

Pretty busy, so keeping it short.

I complained last week that it was hot, but it really is hot.
So hot that we got our Johnson's to go. Now you know it's hot.

It's supposed to be over 100 degrees this week, and with just enough humidity to not rain, but still keep it miserable.

Can't wait till festivals in the fall to remind me why we stay. (aside from the sickening thought of taking another Bar exam)

Riley got to spend part of the weekend with his Nanny. Friday evening we headed over to Anna's house for her mom's 30the birthday party.

It was Riley's first real chance to hang with a group of kids, from2-4 years old, and he did pretty well.

Week 64 005
Week 64 004
Week 64 001
Week 64 002

Most of the boys were too big for him to play with so he just watched the girls. (something that will probably be a familiar theme given his growth rate and genetic predisposition for miniature-ness.)

Week 64 011

Saturday morning we hit up the zoo right as they were opening to avoid the mercury misery. Still that was only moderately successful.

Week 64 039

We need to bring his Nanny more often because she attracted all of the mosquitoes that would usually eat me and him up. That's a valuable human resource.

As usual, his favorite part was the slide.

He accomplished his first "sit up all the way slide" which was pretty cool.

Week 64 051

He doesn't quite know how to load himself on to the slide any way but head first, so we let him give that a shot.

Week 64 042

But, everything was a little too sticky from the humidity and he got jammed up half way down, requiring emergency extraction by dad and nanny.

Week 64 048

Saturday evening my family and Joan's parent came over for a little cookout. Of course, with the heat, cooking in would have been much more pleasant, but it was fun anyway. Since I was busy cooking though, no pics.

That's about it.

He gets to be in his first wedding next week. If he does well, we will definitely hire him out to anyone who does not have a cute enough toddler boy to walk in their wedding.

We've got good rates, I promise.

To make up for the lack of content, here's a few cute shots.

Week 64 028
Week 64 027
Week 64 018

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