Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Rest for the Kidded

It's a darn good thing we live in an area with lots to do. But even though there's plenty to occupy yourself with around here, at the pace we're going, Riley will have done it all before he makes two years.

That was a very long winded way of saying it was another activity filled week for the kiddo.

First, he got to spend Monday with Mommy and Daddy, since most offices were closed in the name of patriotism.

His day consisted mostly of running around town in the Jeep. I'm so glad he's an outdoorsey kid and has taken a liking to the Jeep. If he's nice enough to me, i might even let him drive it some day.

Week 61 006

He spent a little time at the mall where he made his first escalator ride. (who had the bright idea of putting kid's clothes on the top floor of every department store?)

Week 61 004

If only he had been born earlier, he would have loved the waterfall at the Acadiana Mall, which has now been replaced by a cheap, boring, moldy fountain. He was not impressed by the modern setup.

Week 61 005

After the mall, we had lunch at Pepin's, a small gas station sandwich shop. He's getting better at feeding himself. But since he has also learned the word "down" (pronounced "damn") he was quickly out of the booth and exploring the aisles of snacks and low budget dinner ingredients.

Week 61 013
Week 61 014

During the week, Riley had his first dentist appointment, which went about as well as we expected, considering how he cries when we brush his teeth. Everything's healthy though, and we weren't asked to never come back, so I call it a success.

Thursday was a rain check Rhythms, which ended up being a continuation of the normal day, since it was mostly Riley, Gabe, and Anna running around like wild animals. No pics, but here's a cute shot of two of the suspects.

Week 61 061

Friday night was the best Downtown Alive we've seen in a long time.

We've been waiting for a chance to see the Howdies for the last year and it just hadn't worked out. We knew their style would be right up our alley and maybe give us some old Weary Boys show flashbacks. They were even better than I expected though.

If you have any respect for rocking, old country, catch these guys soon.
They even held Riley's attention, so you know they're good.

Week 61 040
Week 61 034

Major kudos to the DTA folks for booking something young and different.
There were some ticked off folks in the crowd who wanted to see their usual swamp-pop 70's covers band and left disappointed, but there were also a whole lot of people who finally got to see something of their own style at DTA. Very Refreshing.

Saturday morning was 2nd Cousin Eli's first birthday party. As usual when those two are together, we stay entertained by how much smaller Riley is than Eli, who is already fitting tight in 18 month clothes. Riley was mesmerized by the older kids playing baseball, but even more captivated by the cake and ice cream.


Saturday afternoon was hanging out and tasting various gourmet beers at Gabe's house.
Well, Riley didn't taste the beers. He also didn't demonstrate the concepts of sharing or being gentle very well, but we're working on them.

Week 61 049
Week 61 052
Week 61 055

Sunday morning we headed over to Blackham Coliseum where some of my distant cousins were showing dogs. Riley enjoyed (as usual) driving Nonnie's Jeep, but even more so, seeing all of the different types of dogs. He was even brave enough to pet a few.

Week 61 075
Week 61 080

From there, we took a trip south to Avery Island so that Riley could spend a day with uncle Eli and Anthill.
That place is really nice.......... at other times of the year.
We didn't really get to enjoy the natural beauty because every time you left the truck you were being divebombed by some pretty wicked flies and bugs. Way too natural for us.

Anthill employed the "Old School" earmuff trick to protect her cranial innards from the beasts.

Week 61 136

The bugs did relax long enough for us to get a cute pic of UL's Cutest Couple at one of Louisiana's oldest oak trees (according to some paper we saw)

Week 61 123

Riley enjoyed getting to see the thousands of egrets at Bird City.

Week 61 207

The coolest thing though is the gators. Here's a 3-5 footer that I got about 5-7 feet from.

Week 61 245
Week 61 250
Week 61 251

And here's Riley trying out to get transferred Down Under to the Irwin family.
Those gators don't even phase him.

Week 61 098

We topped that all off with a Tabasco tour, which was essentially just us trying to keep Riley quiet through a 10 minute movie. It was a good practice ground though since the movie was free, thus no one's money was wasted.

Week 61 291

Finally, a quiz question:

Is Riley....

A) Part goat as evidence by the apparent sprouting horns on his forehead;


b) Part Brandon, as evidence by the fact that mosquito bites turn into giant tumors on his body.

Week 61 278

Your guess is as good as mine. I really don't know the answer.

Not much planned for this week, but all lack of plans are subject to last minute change without notice.

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