Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nonstop Beefcake

Good news, Riley has gained about a pound in the last month. He's becoming a Beefcake with our Weight Gain 4000 plan, so the doctor won't be taking him away.

He's developing well brain-wise and is getting good at putting the blue oval into his shape sorting cube.

Week 57 099

The only problem is he's still too short to reach in and get it back out.

Week 57 106

Otherwise, it was another long, adventure-packed week around these parts.

We started off on Tuesday, by doing something we never do...... we went somewhere after work.

That somewhere was the last UL Softball home game of the year, Senior Night, and Anthill's last home game as a Lady Cajun.


Riley wasn't really into the game, which had a great finish.
He mostly just crawled around and otherwise drew attention to himself.

Week 57 031
Week 57 017
Week 57 019
Week 57 048
Week 57 089light

Thursday, we caught the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Rhythms (spoiler alert: there aren't really twelve of them), and Riley learned the advanced primate skill of digging with a stick.

Week 57 175
Week 57 172

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Lake Martin for a hike/photo excursion with my parents and Joan's mom

We didn't see as many alligators as last time, but did see a wicked looking and very aggressive caterpillar...


along with evidence that the idiots around here will shoot anything, even in a protected nature preserve, to make their tiny brains forget that they are at the bottom of the evolutionary barrel. Idiocracy, here we come.


For more pics, including lots of litter, Joan's favorite photographic subject matter, check out her Flickr page, linked on the right.

On the hike, Riley showed us all of the different positions that can be attained while sleeping in the Kelty Backpack.

Week 57 146
Week 57 144
Week 57 147

After our adventure, it was lunch time, and you know what that means. I feel like I don't even have to say it. And as usual, it was good.

Next up was Anna's second birthday party, where Riley was lucky enough to get a kiss from the birthday girl.

Week 57 180
Week 57 187

That picture should cancel out any impression given by his Elton John-like taste in eyewear

Week 57 193

Because he showed a lot of interest in the animals at Lake Martin, we made Sunday a zoo day. It is amazing to see how much more
interested he is in the animals than he was just two months ago. I think he really enjoyed himself.

It was a light crowd day, which allowed him to get in the playground without being overpowered by the second-hand smoke smell and negative IQs of the usual Skoal-stained zoo children.

Though mommy was hesitant to let him try, he got to take a trip down the short slide.

Week 57 251

He loved it so much, that we spent the next 15 minutes shooting him down the big slide.

Week 57 276
Week 57 277

He was delighted.

We even raced down once, and he totally whooped me.

Week 57 292

That's it for stories.
Now I'll just bombard you with some of my favorite pics of the week.

See you next week, with a post with a slightly different feel.

Week 57 158
Week 57 162
Week 57 135
Week 57 150
Week 57 156
Week 57 183
Week 57 184
Week 57 132
Week 57 119
Week 57 142
Week 57 047
Week 57 035
Week 57 020


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