Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here in the Real World

(Warning, there will be alot of pics in this post. I hope we don't break the internets.)

All good things must end.
After nearly a week of white sand, emerald waters and cool breeze, we're back in the land of noxious ligustrums, muddy water and 100% humidity.

Oh well.

It was a good week, and I think a good time was had by all, each in their own ways.
Despite hating the beach and the pool, Riley had a blast just having the chance to run around in a new environment and see lots of birds (his new favorite observation).

We stayed in the Westwinds at Sandestin. Our unit was at the end of a hall on the first floor with super convenient access to the pool and beach. The building was very family friendly and I would highly recommend it, especially unit 4706, to anyone looking to vacation there at non-peak times.

Week 59 411
Week 59 021
Week 59 407

The drives weren't too bad. Just a mix of short naps, entertainment by Mommy, and Riley's first purposeful cartoon viewing.

Week 59 011
Week 59 007
Week 59 008
Week 59 012

We made it there with 2 stops and back with 1. Definitely a surprisingly pleasant outcome.

At our "there" trip lunch stop, the boy learned that he could climb up onto a table from the booth bench.

Upon arrival at the Destin-ation, he figured out that skill transfers to luggage carts , which doubled our unpacking trips since he was taking up space on every cart.

Week 59 014

Despite not cooperating with hats or sunglasses for the past 6 months, the trauma of hating the pool broke his will, and he finally gave in to both.

Week 59 055
Week 59 058
Week 59 045

He was fine for the first few minutes on the beach.

Then he decided he hated it, and wanted absolutely no contact with either water or sand.


He and I biked all around Sandestin one day, and he slept for over an hour. I guess it's easier there than here though, since they maintain their roads and it's not populated with inbreds trying to cause public deafness with their exhaust systems.

Week 59 110
Week 59 117

Back in the condo, he enjoyed the shared attention of six adults and being able to play with Cousin Caroline (in the fleeting moments when they were simultaneously awake)
Week 59 051

Mr. Safety wanted to wear a seatbelt on the tram, but didn't quite nail it.

Week 59 390

His new favorite word is bird, and he can spot them better than most adults.
His new favorite game though is "Spin The Wheel".
Anywhere he can find a tire, he is trying to turn it.
Usually it is a stroller wheel.

Week 59 403
Week 59 402

But he did happen across a large , competition BBQ trailer with its front axle jacked, and spent a good bit of time giving it a whirl.

Week 59 126

On a side note, next time you're in Destin, try Lillie's on Pigs Alley. Its a small BBQ stand on Hwy 98 between Sandestin and the outlet mall. and it is really good.
I probably would have eaten there more than once, but they were closed for a few days to go compete at Memphis in May.

Week 59 124

In 2007, they won Memphis in May for best sauce and best pulled pork.
Their pork was pretty good, but........(you can guess where this is going).......... I honestly think that Johnson's Boucaniere's is better. (vote Johnson's for best BBQ in the Times of Acadiana)

As usual, the star doesn't want to go anywhere without his shoes, even if he hasn't yet changed out of his pajamas.

Week 59 212

We did some shopping at Destin Commons one day where he had a blast playing with their two fountains.

Week 59 271
Week 59 335

Uncle Paul's quick shutter finger caught these action shots of Riley being put on his butt by a surprise water cannon to the face.

Week 59 328
Week 59 329

No other real stories.

Overall, it was a good trip and Sandestin seems like a great destination with kids in the offseason.(I've heard it is too packed at busy times).

Also, prices are down right now, because owners want bodies in the rooms.

Now here's your grab bag of various pics that i like.

Pretty Boy
Week 59 447

He loved the waterfall.
Week 59 455

Early in the week.

Week 59 193

Later in the week.

Whats black and white and red all over? Daddy and Riley

Week 59 251

Running away.

Week 59 092
Week 59 094

Straight face


Don't take me in there


You took me in there

Week 59 181

Hangin' with Mommy


Official Bubble Wrangler

Week 59 206

Peek a Boo

Week 59 213

Stud Pose

Week 59 230

Heeeey Macarena

Week 59 234


Week 59 243


Week 59 072

Talking Belly-button

Week 59 235

Full Group


Our CajunBabyWallace Family shots


Now back to the real world of work and sweat. (the sweat part is only from walking to and from the cars at lunch and after work)

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