Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 52, Part 2

So, after the one year retrospective above, here's the usual mundaneosity that you keep coming back for every week. (yep, thats a real word, I just made it up.)

I was going to write about toys and some of his birthday presents, but I'll wait till next week. But, he did get to enjoy the beautiful weather a couple of days this week in his new fancy pants wagon from Nonnie and Poppy.

Since he and Gabe are both kinda narrow, we were able to take three for a ride in the two seater.

Week 52 022

Saturday night he ate at Barandas where he took an unusually strong liking to the guacamole.

Week 52 013

Once he was done eating it on chips, he dove in with his hands.

Week 52 016

Around the house, he learned to carry his bottle with no hands.

Week 52 057

He also showed some appreciation for mid 80s rap pioneers.

Week 52 043crop

Sunday afternoon, we went to the zoo, thus now officially having gotten more than his Granny's moneys worth out of the membership.

We decided to give the playground a shot and he took his first step toward making Uncle Eli proud by at least holding onto a rock wall by himself. That's a start.

Week 52 141

He was even looking up to try to figure out his line.

Week 52 145

The he tried out a slide for the first time and just fell backwards.

Week 52 126

That was better though than barely going down it 'cause it is too skinny for even Daddy's narrow hips.

Week 52 129

His buddy Gabe met us there and did a little better than Riley, but he's got a slide at home to practice on.

Week 52 173
(Lindsey's, "Oh, Should i have let go?" face is priceless)

Finally, after wading through all of the inconsiderate pieces of human debris who should not be allowed to breed, Riley got up close and personal with some birds who were in a very chatty mood.

Week 52 102

Week 52 201

Then something, probably some inbred smoking a cigar, set the bird off causing it to scream right in Riley's face and flap its wings, leading to predictable results.

Week 52 205

Don't get me wrong. We like taking him to the zoo, but every time we go, it's like the crowd just got out of the Mr & Miss WalMart pageant or a Jeff Foxworthy concert.

Hey Zoo- here's a suggestion I won't even charge you for: Hold a "Smarter Than Forrest Gump Day". If you test with a higher IQ than old Forrest, you are allowed into the park, but have to pay double admission. If not, you go home. I guarantee you would sell the place out.

Wow, I'm out of pictures and just ended on a somewhat negative/cynical note.
Oh well, truth is truth.

See ya next week.

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Timberly said...

"pieces of human debris that should not be allowed to breed"
I will have to cite that one and let my pals at work meditate on that one. We teach many of those kids.

Another two good posts. By the way there is no possible way you are 29. You have some good genes because you look 18. So does Joan.
The pictures of Riley are adorable.