Sunday, March 15, 2009

On A Roll

So, next weekend we're having a birthday party/crawfish boil.
We usually do two a year, one for friends, and one for family.
We've had as many as 45 people here before for one.

This year, we're combining the two for Riley and Caroline's joint 1st b-day party.

We realized this week that even though we pared the usual invite list down, we are quickly approaching 60 RSVPs for crawfish. Plus there are at least 8 or 10 people coming that aren't eating crawfish.

Because it's going to be a madhouse, we've been preparing early and haven't had time to do much blogworthy stuff.

I'll give you some pics anyway though.

The main storyline in Riley's life is still the whole walking and climbing thing, both of which he's getting much better with.

The highlight of his week was a visit from his nanny, Lesley. He first showed her how good he is at climbing onto his train.

week 50 064

Then he showed her how good he is at falling off of his train.

week 50 057

He also learned a new trick this week called unrolling the toilet paper.

week 50 031

And he dares you to tell him not to.

week 50 029

He's had sinus congestion for a week or two, which has led to some mouth breathing, drooling, snotty nose, crusty faced goodness.

week 50 023

He's charitable with his newfound skills and pushed Gabe across the room on the train, before showing him how to make all of the sounds.

week 50 019
week 50 017

This pic just makes him look much older to me.

week 50 033

And finally, here's the Twin Terrors, Riley and Jimmy, caught in mid stride.

week 50 022

Hopefully, I'll have the time or energy to be funny next week, but if everyone that RSVP'd actually shows up, I'm doubting it.

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Timberly said...

Riley looked very happy to be standing in the buggy on Friday! It was nice meeting the whole family and tell Joan I am sorry for forgetting her name...I felt like an idiot.
You got to meet the "Friday afternoon just got back from teaching 19 bad children and now I am fighting with my boys" Timberly