Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 52, Part 1- The Memory

365 days ago at this time, Joan was getting pumped full of Pitocin while I was trying to rest on a hospital couch and no one had ever seen one of the coolest babies ever to exist.

(Thanks to a neighbor of the hospital who doesn't know how to password protect wi-fi, I was able to post from the hospital, if any latecomers want to go back and check out the March 2008 archive to the right.)

For my convenience, forget 365 days though. 52 calendar weeks ago Joan was eating Sakura sushi with raw fish for the first time in 9 months, and, down the hall, being poked, prodded and implanted with government tracking chips, was a little man who has since become each of our best friend.

He looks a little different today though.

hospital 4 043


Week 52 212

To commemorate his first full trip around the sun, while still retaining our cheap roots, we headed out to Portrait Innovations near the "Upper Lafayette" Target.
We are very happy that we did.

These guys are a high volume, cattle herding type operation, but they are dirt cheap, and Tabatha, our photog, was good.

If you are looking for that perfect shot to have blown up into poster size, go to Alan Breaux or a higher end sudio.

But if you want to get a boatload of pictures of a questionably cooperative child for less than the cost of a few sacks of crawfish, give these folks a chance. (how's that for cajun math?)

Here's a few of our favorite shots.
A few of them really capture the way we see him.

Week 52 photoshoot 048
Week 52 photoshoot 023
Week 52 photoshoot 004
Week 52 photoshoot 020
Week 52 photoshoot 031
Week 52 photoshoot 038
Week 52 photoshoot 043
Week 52 photoshoot 008

We didn't get a good family shot, but i'll post the best.
Week 52 photoshoot 011

Here's where I'm supposed to pour my heart out about how much being a parent has changed us, but, honestly, I don't really feel like it has.

I basically feel like the last year of our life has been a natural progression of where we were always going.

I don't really feel much different than you do when you wake up every morning, one day older.

I just feel normal, and I think that's right.

But I will say that the last year has flown by, and even though i just turned 29, has brought the limited nature of our lifespan a little more into focus.


Thank you to all of those who have personally been a part of the first year of his life.

Just as big a thank you to those who have read and hopefully enjoyed this blog over the last year, and found our lives to be worth a couple of minutes of your time every week.

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep up with weekly posts, 'cause life tends to slow down sometimes, but I appreciate your clicks. (unless you're some perv, then go away)

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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frannie77 said...

I absolutely love the one where you are throwing him up in the air. Perfect timing with the shot!