Sunday, January 4, 2009


Nothing really earth shattering happened this week, from an outsider's perspective.
But, for the sake of dietary ease in our life, things did get better (so far).
More on that later though.

Earlier in the week (on the day it was cold) we hung his new swing (a Christmas present from Nonnie and Poppy) from one of our cypress trees.

He doesn't care what he's doing, just as long as he's doing it outside.

week 40 002
week 40 007

Being in Louisiana, it was no surprise that two days after hat and jacket weather, it was shorts weather again.

week 40 010

He's learned to regularly pull up on the table.

week 40 024

and he really likes to play with his balls.

week 40 030

He's also learned to pull up on his ride-on toy from Caroline's parents, and to operate all of the noise makers.

week 40 045
week 40 048

But he does need to learn that the bead spinner plunger is easier to operate with your hand than your teeth (his current preferred method)

week 40 084
(For the observant people, yes, the dog is sniffing his butt)

I tried to teach him some responsibility by getting him to help with the laundry, but he was not a big fan of just being dropped into the hamper and told to sort.

week 40 009

Sunday evening, we went to WOW Wingery where he, amazingly, slept through half of the meal before waking up dumbfounded, but with awesome hair, and showing us all of the ways you aren't supposed to sit in a high chair (or sit at all if you're a guy).

week 40 054
week 40 058
week 40 073

He could be a model for safety labels, but all of his pictures would have a red circle with a line through it.

Speaking of meals, here's what Joan got at WOW.

week 40 065

That's our big news of the week.

"Why?" you confusedly ask.

Because there's CHEESE on the salad, and she ate it...... purposefully. (and rediscovered that salads are waaaaaayyy better with cheese)

And even better, it's the third time she's had dairy this week, and he didn't react to either of the first two.

Monday, she ate Chick-fil-a which has a minute amount in the chicken breading.

Then, on Thursday, she ate some cornbread, which was made with milk.
Since he didn't react to either, she got brave and decided to eat some cheese.

Due to her pumping and his feeding schedule, he won't get any cheese tainted milk until Tuesday, at which time, hopefully, nothing will be different.

The doc has said she could start trying to phase milk products in after 9 months, which is now.

She'll work back in slowly and we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Sometime in the next couple of months though, Coyote Blues may be back in the rotation and she should be able to partake of the very cinnamony bread pudding at Johnson's. We're gonna get soooooo fat.

As an experiment to see how video works, here's what he sounds like when he's on his eighth wind and refusing to go to bed.

(Please let me know if this causes the page to load too slowly)

Finally, he's learned to bang on the keyboard when he sits with me, so I'll let him close out this week's post with his deep thought of the day:

cvvvvvvvvvvvvvhgygggsrxzw32w987 ., hnbgggggggggggggggggyyy n jkmklijm j

The End
(I typed those two words, and these)

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Timberly said...

That boy sure is a a cutie pie! I loved how he tries hard to make the wheel move. Poor Joan she looks so tired.