Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm playing catch-up this week after skipping out on you guys last week, so I'm breaking this week up into two posts.

This post will be the usual, while the second post (see below) will explain why I didn't post last week.

He continues to stand up in his crib and doesn't like it when you suprise him with a camera flash in mid-cry.

week 38 001

Last Friday we braved the crowds and hit the lights at Acadian Village. The lights are nice, but it has turned into much more of a carnival/WalMart atmosphere since we last went 10 years ago. It was fun nonetheless.

week 38 029

Just Hangin' with Dad. (his favorite position)

week 38 041

With Granny Lynn and a Louisiana Christmas Tree

week 38 043

With Poppy and a helicopter

week 38 034eyefix

Traditional Uncle Eli pose

week 38 035eyefix

Meeting Santa

week 38 021

and posing for a profile shot

week 38 017eyefix

We found out that olive oil really does help to break up cradle cap, but he looks quite greasy while you let it set.

Week 39

I don't know what he and Joan did Saturday through Wednesday because of what I was doing (see post below), except that he watched me work on his present for a little bit, while holding onto the Jeep as if to save his life.

Week 39 (9)

So we'll just skip to Wednesday evening when we went to the children's service at Asbury and didn't have to worry about him making noise 'cause there were kids everywhere and the preacher encouraged it.

Then Joan's immediate family came here for gift exchanging and grubbing on a Brisket from Johnson's Boucaniere, a Logan's honey ham, Joan's corn macque choux with Johnson's tasso, and Liz's sugar free (but you'd never know it) Sweet Potato Casserole. We were doing it right.

Week 39 (24)
Week 39 (33)

This year, in an effort to recycle (not because of laziness, I swear) everyone's presents were packaged in baby themed bags which we received at the various showers. It was very efficient.

Week 39 (40)

Thursday we ran all around, starting at my parents' house, where he racked up on the toys.

Week 39 (43)

Next was Joan's paternal extended family, where Riley hung with Cousin Lillian and racked up some noise making toys.

Week 39 (48)

Finally, we headed to Joan's maternal extended family. Unfortunately, the host has a trampoline. After Riley was done bouncing with Cousin Courtney, I took him through some bouncy antics, which I am still paying for today.

I'm pretty sure I fractured all of the vertebrae below my shoulders, but it may just be muscle soreness. Hopefully the pics Paul has make it worth my pain.

Week 39 (49)

Like Thanksgiving, Riley watched Caroline eat (she rarely stops) while she watched him bounce around (he rarely stops). Maybe they'll motivate each other to pick up the other's skills.

Week 39 (59)
Week 39 (64)
Week 39 (51)

Aside from a trip to Johnson's to refresh his pulled pork supply, the weekend was just cleanup and another DIY project (see below)

Week 39 (76)

Joan and I did go see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button which we enjoyed and I would recommend. (just ignore the incredibly forced Katrina tie-in)

We hope everyone's Christmas was good, your New Year celebrations are safe, and your neighbors (unlike ours at this moment) only set off fireworks at reasonable hours.

PS- I forgot to write about one of our interesting experiences this week.
Earlier in the week, while working on the tables in the garage, I smelled something horrible. It smelled like a rotting dead animal, and I looked all over the garage but found nothing. I then walked through the yard and spotted what we thought was surely an alien life form in the now neglected flowerbed.

It looked like a folded up starfish, made of sponge/grapefruit, coming out of an egg, with a glob of cat crap in the middle, covered in flies, and smelled like freshly baked roadkill.

We pulled it up and found that below it were more of the "eggs"

week 38 145
week 38 160

Then on Friday another egg hatched one of the alien beasts.

week 38 227

Fortunately The Robert & Sherie family stopped by and the spectacle piqued their curiosity.

Within juts a few hours, Sherie's research informed us that out new growths are Columned Stinkhorns. You can read more about them here

and here (warning- adult language

They are often spread through mulch and thrive in the winter.

They are a fungus of the family Phallaceae, which is appropriately named, though we are lucky enough to have a less "adult" looking variety in our yard.

Joan has tried to dig them up, and hopefully that is enough.

But remember the name Stinkhorn if you ever have a rotten smelling fungus in your yard. It is NOT, I repeat, NOT actually an alien.

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