Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weak Week

The circumstances surrounding this week have led me to not take many pics, and my memory is bad enough that without pics, I don't really have anything to write about.
Plus, I'm still working on a very frustrating home improvement project that has taken away all of my thought power. I'll tough through this for you guys though.

Unfortunately, Riley came down with his first ear infection.
Wednesday night was rough, then he was really whiny on Thursday so we brought him in. The doc found pus in his ear, but also recognized that he was not being his usual cheeseball self and tested him for flu, which came back negative.
Since he was being unusually cuddly, Joan stayed with him that afternoon and administered antibiotics.

By the next morning he was pretty much back to normal, though he does still look kinda run-down.

week 43 029

He is in a good enough mood though to enjoy riding around the house in a diaper box.

week 43 027

Earlier, in the week, my Mom was sick , so I pulled another half day of babysitting, which consisted mostly of just telling the kids to look out of the window and telling them it is a really big tv.

week 43 007

They each have their own roles. Anna plays with things and makes animal sounds while Riley tries to chew anything he can reach, and Gabe floor-swims over to watch Riley and learn what not to do.

week 43 012

When I decided it was nap time and Riley didn't agree, he showed me how strong he is by pulling down his wall blanket.

week 43 017

I already have a lecture pretty well nailed down for times like those, when he gets all uppity. I make him make eye contact and I say:

" I'm bigger, I'm stronger, I'm madder, and I'm meaner, and I will always win against you, so don't even try."

It may seem excessively harsh, but he's the only person in the world I can get away with using it on, so I'm gonna play it for all its worth.

No progress on the walking front,but he is making noticeable strides with his fine motor skills. Despite not getting nay better at walking, he has decided he is good enough that he doesn't need to hold my fingers for help, and will fight to pull his hands away so that he can do it himself. Best of luck to him. We may get our first ER visit sooner that I thought.

Joan has continued to add more dairy and ate a Meche's donut today for the first time in a long while.
He's shown no adverse reaction yet, so it may be green light time.

But, limited dairy is probably still a good idea, since we have three months to get our beach bodies ready before heading to Destin for some rest and sunburning.

finally, so that there's a little humor this week, here's a couple of shots of Anna trying to get a Lego at the bottom of the toy bin, and just a little out of her reach.

week 43 021
week 43 023

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