Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lack of content

Another Sunday night, which means time for another post.

No real storyline or monumental events this week, so i think I'll go with the random thoughts format, in vaguely chronological order with interspersed visual representations. (in my head that sounded like placing an order at some fancy restaurant for overeducated nerds.)

Early in the week, the responsible parent (guess who) went through all of his clothes to pack away the outgrown things and pull down some stuff that should fit now.

I know all parents have gone through this, but it is amazing to see how tiny his premie clothes were, and how small some things look now that swallowed him at first.
That was good for about 30 seconds of reminiscing, then we looked at the stuff he can wear now.
Thanks again to Shane, he was finally able to wear his (probably)inappropriate, yet (definitely) funny, pirate onesie.

week 31 006

Friday, of course, was Halloween.
We did not participate, because we do not want to raise him to glorify pagan celebrations of evil and darkness.

Ok, that's totally not true. We were just too lazy to find him a costume and we had better things to do, like go grocery shopping, given that he won't remember the night and doesn't even have opposable teeth to be able to eat anything that's not pureed.

We did put him in a little knit hat though, and, coincidentally, I think it made him look like a baby version of The Edge (U2's guitarist). So we'll just say that for his first Halloween he was the guitarist for an over-hyped, outdated and presently irrelevant Irish rock band. (its a good thing Virginia doesn't read this or she'd kill me, especially since I used her daughter to help illustrate such heresy)
week 31 009
week 31 018

Saturday was UL homecoming and a day of tailgating with the crew. The Cajuns won and Tyrell Fenroy (namesake of the Tyrell Towel, seen below)became only the 7th player in college football history to have 4 consecutive 1,000 yard rushing seasons.

week 31 023
week 31 029
week 31 059

Again, Riley was unsuccessful at napping in the playpen, but did acquire some nice face-prints while napping on Mommy in the Bjorn.

week 31 041
week 31 036

Before the game, everyone was also able to catch a little of the Thuderbirds performance at the airshow. Don't believe me, here's scientific proof.

week 31 067
week 31 079

Sunday was all about hanging out at home and catching up on some cleaning/maintenance.
We seared up some steaks for lunch, and while the Egg was billowing its smoky 800+ degree goodness (try doing that on your puny gas grill), Riley scurried around the patio and ran right out of his shoes.

week 31 093
week 31 097
week 31 091light

On a final pic note, why is it that in many pics, my kid tends to look like some drunken frat boy?

week 31 001

Nothing too major on our calendar this week, but I guess nationally it is a somewhat important week.

Everyone gets to go to the polls and decide whether they want someone in office who will enact stupid policies while telling you he won't enact stupid policies, or someone who will enact stupid policies in living up to his promise to enact stupid policies. Doesn't that just get you excited about the future?
Here's a couple of quotes that I like to ease you into election day

"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session." – Mark Twain (1866)

"When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence." – Gary Lloyd

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