Sunday, October 26, 2008


There was a chill in the air this week. Chill could also be used to describe our calendar this week. Nothing huge going on. Lots of hanging out.

Early in the week, he cut his second bottom tooth with little fanfare.
He seems quite proud of his new chompers and has been flashing them alot.

week 30 009crop

He's becoming much more aware of, and interactive with, his daytime pals, Gabe and Anna.

week 30 014
week 30 017

Having sitting up as part of his positional repertoire is proving to be quite convenient and broadens the horizons of playtime.

week 30 001
week 30 008
week 30 026

On Thursday evening we headed out to Rhythms on the River to catch two bands that he has been listening to since birth, The Figs and the Bluerunners (who played with their full, 5 man, rockin' lineup)

week 30 032crop
week 30 035light

We really want to catch a couple more of the bands this season, but it'll all depend on his nap schedule, because he didn't do too well this week.

He did look pretty good though, in his first cold weather outfit.

week 30 036

So, to bring him back down to Earth and keep his ego in check, I made him sit in a box for a while, which he liked.

week 30 043

Friday was father/son day since Daddy was technically unemployed (start the new job on Monday).

He started off the day by dressing to match his dog (black and gold).

week 30 050

He then met all of my old pals at Briney & Foret before heading over to Rabalais, Hanna and Hebert to see all of mommy's buddies and share lunch with her for her birthday.

Friday evening, Paul, Liz and Caroline came in for a birthday dinner. No shots of the kids together because they would never be still at the same time.

Riley, was looking like a rock star in his new skeleton hoodie. It's my new favorite outfit for him.

week 30 056

On Saturday morning, my whole immediate family, including dogs, went out to the Nature Station for some fresh air and a nice woodland stroll.

Canines present were Stitch (Jake's pug), Ozzie (parents' Boston Terrier), Titus (Eli's Alaskan Eskimo Dog) and, of course. Jimmy (our mutt)

week 30 083
week 30 088
week 30 089

We topped everything off with a great lunch at Johnson's.
The only regret I have in changing jobs is that I will be too far away to go there for lunch most of the time. ( Admittedly, life's not bad when that's the worst that is weighing on your mind)

week 30 093light

After all of the adventuring, Riley was completely wiped out and nowhere near being in a good enough mood to wait through the line that we met when we tried to go "early vote."

week 30 095

Nothing major on the calendar for next week except that Saturday is UL Homecoming, so he'll have a full day.

In closing here's a few cute pics.

One highlighting his eyes (with his ever present drool goatee)

week 30 010

One of his mop top

week 30 079

and finally, one of him with his new best friend, his MP3 player.
I'm a firm believer in early exposure to good music. While the chipmunks and other kids music has merit, we've got him on a path to good adult tastes by stocking his player with the likes of The Weary Boys, Richard Revue, Mario Matteoli, The Figs, Bluerunners, Willie Nelson, Red Stick Ramblers, Charlie Pride, Woodsboss, Lost Bayou Ramblers, and Roddy Romero.(Soon we'll be ordering a fake ID to get him into the Blue Moon, McLovin style)

week 30 069


Disclaimer- Now that I'm starting a new job, hopefully I'll pick up a few new readers. I don't want to scare anyone off with my sarcasm and/or dry attempts at humor. So, to clarify in advance, I am not actually mean to my kid. I do not make him sit in a cardboard box to punish him for being too cute. We use waterboarding for that. :)


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You are so Funny!!! I love reading this blog. You should be a writer (if you aren't already!) Also you have a super cute kid!