Sunday, November 16, 2008

When in doubt........ Post Pics

As promised. Nothing big this week. But we did end up getting some pretty cute pics.

we didn't get kicked out of any churches this week. In fact, one lady at Asbury, who always sits in front of us, asked me why I took Riley out when he started talking. She said, "He wasn't bothering anyone." Her husband always says, "I think that's just how babies say 'Amen'."

Without further ado....

One of his new favorite toys is my old cell phone. I don't think it can hurt him so we just let him have it.

week 33 001

He's really starting to fill out his carseat even though it is supposed to hold up to 25 lbs. I can't wait till he can face forward, especially in the Jeep, but they're not supposed to do that until they're a year old. (which he will be by the next time that the weather gets nice enough to drive the Jeep.)

week 33 019

He is finally big enough to wear his "I Love Boudin," shirt, which is yet another projection of our opinions onto him. (but hey, when your opinions are as good as ours, why not force them on someone helpless)

week 33 021
week 33 032

Now he just needs to learn that Anna's shoe doesn't taste as good as boudin.

week 33 024

Here's the daily crew just hanging out.

week 33 045
week 33 041

Saturday he sported his Cajuns winter cap, which ended up being very useful because it was cold on the porch at Johnson's. I've got a matching one that I wish I'da brought.

week 33 058
week 33 060
week 33 064

After that we headed over to the Rok Haus, where Uncle Eli was helping to put on a climbing competition for kids. At first Riley had the sense enough to stay off of the wall, but eventually he broke down and showed us some moves. Check out that 2 finger grip. Now that's strength.

week 33 069
week 33 070

This weekend actually ended up being ok despite the fact that Friday evening we implemented "Cry It Out" as opposed to the old plans of "Rock You Completely To Sleep" and "Grab You Everytime You Wake Up."
It went about as well as you can expect it to, and was nowhere near as bad as Paul and Liz's experience, which Paul described as "the worst night of my life."

Despite our cruelly making him learn to be an independent sleeper, Riley has maintained his cheeseball, doofus personality, as evidenced by these goofy smiles. (we think he's starting to develop a camera face)

week 33 050
week 33 090

As a reward for being such a good boy, he got to try grapes and starfruit in addition to the usual cantaloupe in his feed bag thingy. (which is awesome)

week 33 100

and finally, entirely unrelated to Riley, but dealing with our first "child," Jimmy wanted to sun himself today, but was too much of a wuss to lay on the cold concrete, so he parked himself on a garbage can lid that had blown down. We can only hope that Riley is as resourceful as him.

week 33 078

We expect another slow week around here, but I'm sure I'll post anyway.


frannie77 said...

I LOVE the boudin shirt! Where did you find it?

bwallace said...

I found the shirts through

they have a cafe press shop set up.