Sunday, August 3, 2008

Little Man

I need some reader feedback here. (if you've got something useful to say.)
We've got a conclusion that we're trying to work backwards to explain.

Everyone says Riley looks like a "little man," and we totally agree.
Of course he looks young (he always will with our genetics,) but most people say he doesn't look like a stereotypical "baby."

The question is, "Why?"

What about him makes him look like a "little man", not just a baby?

I'm posting a series of recent pics of his face for your study and input.
So, if you've got any theories, let me have 'em.

(and feel free to disagree with the basic premise, but know that, by definition, disagreeing with me makes you wrong.)

week 17 009crop
week 18 057crop
week 17 027crop
week 18 032crop
week 17 014crop
week 16 003crop
week 16 005crop

here's some of our theories:
a) he often has a wrinkled forehead.
b) he keeps his lips together most of the time.
c) his head is pretty small for his body.


Katie said...

I think it's because he always seems to have this look on his face that says "Yeah, I'm smarter than you already." Like, whatever you bring at him, he's seen it before.

haha...I don't know what those crazy people are talking about. He looks like a baby boy to me.

Unknown said...

I think it's because he doesn't have the typical round/fat babyface, so you can actually see his features.

Nonnie said...

It's all in the eyes that knowing yet sometimes inquisitive look but who cares he's my little buddy and I loves him.

Sam said...

Hey Joan! Thanks for the sweet comment! I think you are right about Erin, she is a blog slacker! Riley is adorable - oh and it is definitely in the eyes, he's just an old soul!