Sunday, August 24, 2008


'twas a pretty good week around these parts.
The prune juice is still working on the bottom end and the teething pains have let up a little in the upper end.
Riley has found a way to self soothe the teething pains by sticking out, and chewing on, his tongue. It's pretty goofy looking, but if it keeps him from crying, I don't care.

week 21 003

He's been sleeping alot lately, and is back to going almost all night without waking. Kinda sucks though when we get home at 5:30 and he naps until 8, eats and goes to bed.

week 21 015

With absolutely no segue (or what The Soup calls a Danzition), here he is with his friend Gabe, showing off their serious, model faces.

week 21 010

Though he hasn't quite learned to smile consistently for the camera yet, Anna's trying to teach him.

week 21 007

Saturday morning, we went to Another Broken Egg where, for the first time, he interacted with Cousin Caroline. Fortunately for him, she was content in her carseat, which allowed him to do things like steal her toys and play with her feet. Luckily, she took it well, considering she could crush him if she wanted to.

week 21 042
week 21 036
week 21 044

Despite his preppy appearance from a distance....

week 21 031

....a close up proves that he really is a disheveled slob.

week 21 045

And he's developing a propensity, despite having no fine motor skills, to "flip-off" the camera.

week 21 024

He even broke major ground when Ms Amanda agreed to hold him for a little while. No pictures of course, the same way no one can ever photograph other mythical events like UFO landings and Bigfoot sightings.

So much for this scatterbrained photo diary of the week. I leave you with a family pic of us squinting under the glare and him refusing to look at the camera. What a photogenic bunch we are.

week 21 049

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