Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hand Me.......Ups?

Usually when someone gives you clothes they no longer need/fit, it is called a hand me down.
When you are 4 months old and those clothes come from a baby that is 2 months old, shouldn't it be called a hand me up?

That was the question we faced this week.
Saturday morning, we headed to Another Broken Egg for breakfast with the Breauxs. They, of course, brought along their latest addition, Eli, who will be 9 weeks in a few days.
Riley is right at 8 weeks older than Eli, but Eli has already outgrown some 3-6 month clothes, so Shane and Tara passed them along to us. But, even still, some of it is too big for Riley.
Eli is pretty big and Riley is pretty small, so when you put them together it is just plain funny.
So here they are, Riley at 18 weeks and Eli at 9 weeks.

week 18 043

From a statistical standpoint, among the recent Darby-branch cousins, here's how things breakdown.

Caroline, born February 26-- 15 lbs 8 ozs (this week)
Riley born March 30-- 13 lbs 1 oz
Eli born May 27-- 15 lbs 6oz (2 weeks ago)

some of you may remember this pic from back at Easter.

easter 2008 011

Which has now morphed to this pic

week 18 047

I made sure to tell Riley the lesson I've learned as the smallest, but oldest among my family, "Boss the younger ones around now, 'cause in a few years they'll be able to kick your (censored)"
I hope he listened.

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