Monday, June 2, 2008

So Sad It's Funny

Today was his two month pediatrician visit.
Everything checked out well.
He clocked in at 10 lbs 8.9 ozs and 23 inches.
That puts him at 25% weightwise and 50% heightwise. (i think the BR doc was wrong a few weeks back)

Joan got all of her food questions answered and will continue to slowly phase in non-dairy foods.
My question got answered too. Basically the doctor said she wouldn't condone him riding in the Jeep because she doesn't know about their safety. (she was nice about it, but didn't seem to be coming from a position of knowledge, just general assumptions and prejudices)
But, that wasn't the question. The question was "will the wind be too much for his ears", to which the answer was, "not if you're careful."
I have confidence in the safety of my Jeep and of Jeeps in general, and will not hesitate to put him in one.
So, once I get the Jeep running, we're going to go for a ride one evening.

The highlight of the visit though was his first round of shots. He did not take too well to 'em and was screaming so loudly that he actually gagged himself a couple of times. It would have been sad if it wouldn't have been so cartoonish.
After all was done though, he quickly calmed down and slept most of the day. When he's been awake he's been cranky and very clingy, but thats forgivable as he's also running a little fever.
Here he is looking like he's got a broken spirit.

week 10 shots 005

and like he's got a broken neck

week 10 shots 006

In my/our defense, it may seem that any time I mention doctors on this blog it is in complaining or is dismissive of their opinions. That should not be taken as an indication that we don't respect doctors or their well founded medical advice. It should only be taken to indicate that when a doctor is not coming from a position of actual knowledge, with plausible reasons, I'm willing to write it off.
Example: at the latest visit, the doc (who we really like) was waffling about whether Riley should ride in the jeep, and said she would have safety concerns if it is one of those "little small ones with the floppy top." Her demeanor made it clear that she had no actual knowledge of the safety of Jeeps, only a general, preconceived notion that they flip over if you look at them too hard, and have absolutely no protection for the occupants. She didn't want to endorse a child being placed into a a situation that she did not know to be safe, which is understandable. I though, have put my Jeep through some fairly gnarly stuff on the trails, and have watched my friends do the same, all of us testing the limits of what can be done while remaining on at least two wheels. I do have knowledge and believe in the safety of Jeeps, so my answer beats hers. Not an insult to anyone, it's just where the information resides.

There' no point in mentioning all of the times that we agree with the docs and are given solid medical advice, so what appears in the blog is definitely skewed to the negative. We do like our doctors and follow their directions unless we feel strongly otherwise and take that contrary position with a solid informational background.

And now back to the fun stuff.

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