Sunday, June 1, 2008

Laid Back

Not a really eventful week, which is a good thing. Things were kinda normal.
Joan went back to work Tuesday, and mentally appears to be holding up pretty well.
My Mom spent her first week with Riley and, of course, swore that he is just a perfect little sleeping angel.

week 9 011

Either she's having some troubles perceiving reality, or he's a good actor.

Fortunately he's been sleeping well all week. Still having some spans going in and out of sleep, but no real fits.

When he's ready to be comforted, he definitely has a favorite parent, and it's not me. The other day he was content sitting in his Bumbo watching his mom do her hair before work.

week 9 031

Tomorrow he gets to start hanging out with Anna, who came over on Saturday (with her parents) to help baby proof the house and get her used to the surroundings and her new keeper.

week 9 037

I guess you could say our interior design theme has gone contemporary nursery style.

week 9 032

Hopefully, being around two women all day won't soften him up too much. He's already taking a liking to the mirror, and would rather look at your reflection than look directly at you.

week 9 018fixed

Any major digestive problems seem to have been resolved by the elimination of some foods, so Joan is slowly phasing in foods. Dairy is still way out of the picture, but we can carefully find food not containing dairy. Fortunately, one of those foods is Evangeline Maid bread, which allows for some variety.
This week she even tried a pulled pork sandwich from Johnson's Boucaniere, truly one of the best sandwiches in town.

The phasing in process is slow though, so, guess what's for dinner this week.
Yup, grilled chicken. woohooo!

week 9 074

Tomorrow he goes to the doctor for his first shots.
We'll ask about phasing in more food and my question about when he can ride in the Jeep. (assuming I fix the problem that is keeping it from starting right now.)

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