Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Trick

Mixed week around here.
Riley had a pretty good week, but Wednesday night, Joan started getting sick, and by Friday had to stay home from work. She's bouncing back, but now my throat is sore (her first symptom) so I'm hoping I don't get hit.
So if these posts are boring, I'll just claim to be sick and not thinking straight.

Saturday we ventured into enemy territory (BR) to coordinate with Paul's branch on a Father's Day present for Joan's Dad. Riley had a pretty good day, but was a little fussy because his nap schedule was thrown off. Caroline on the other hand had a perfect day and made maybe two peeps all day. I will hand it to him that he fell asleep in Best Buy, which sounds like a war zone, so he's not afraid of noise.

Riley learned a new trick on Saturday, and has really taken to doing it alot today. He has finally learned to suck his hand in lieu of his pacifier.

week 11 053

He did it for the first time early Saturday and practiced for most of the ride home.
I know it is a mixed blessing because it will be a habit to break someday, but, for now, it saves us from constantly having to plug the pacifier in.

he's getting a little more vocal and regularly imitating my wide open mouth when I try to prompt him with an "ahhh" sound.

week 11 031lighten

He's also decided that his mobile is alot more exciting than us. Again, another relief.
week 11 018

on the vaccine front, there's alot of controversy out there about alleged side effects of childhood vaccination.
I have decided that I'm against vaccination, but not for any of the reasons you commonly hear.
I oppose vaccinations because those shots two weeks ago allowed him to discover a whole new volume level that he didn't know he had before. He's really taken up his decibel output by orders of magnitude.
Now his nightly "Unhappy Hour" fit is like standing near a jet engine instead of a pitiful little baby. But it also takes more energy out of him and wipes him out. Another mixed blessing.

week 11 011fixed

Joan's diet is still expanding, but, without being able to use any butter, milk, cream, etc in cooking, our options for what we can make here at home are pretty limited. Sooooo, guess what's for dinner this week.

Yup, chicken and sausage (not pictured)
And for those who wonder why I reference one meal, it's because we are boring and lazy people who are content to eat the same thing all week. On Sunday or Monday, we cook enough to get us through Thursday. It is mostly because our time feels so limited in the evenings, we hate to waste any of it cooking. We've been doing it for 5 years now, and it works. We make up for the lack of weekday variety though, by splurging on the weekends.

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