Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gall?

Did ya hear?

The Saints won the Super Bowl.

No, really.

I have proof.

Ya know how they always said the Saints would win when Hell froze over?

Well, it snowed here this week.

Week 98 (24)
Week 98 (29)
Week 98 (32)

So what does that tell ya?


Lafayette is far from hell, so maybe that logic doesn't work.
And snow is old news here.
I mean we've had it two years in a row. Geez, where's the originality?

But in a way this week was my own personal hell, so the logic could fit. (since 2010 was going so great so far)

The symptoms that landed me in the ER last weekend kept me up most of Monday and Wednesday nights and made me generally hurt all week.

Pain is one thing, but the worst part was I couldn't eat anything.
For me, that is the ultimate punishment.
It's like taking away DJ Pauli D's hairspray or Hugh Hefner's little blue pills.
I love and depend on eating.
Why is the world so cruel?

But I went to the doc on Thursday and he said all signs pointed gall bladder, for lack of any better option.
An ultrasound was clear so I'm going in on Monday for some nuclear testing. Laying on the table for an hour, not moving, with no source of entertainment. Yee ha.
I better be able to eat on Tuesday.

On the bright side though, I've been fine since Friday morning. Oh well. That is the preferable outcome to surgery anyway. We'll see what the test says.

and if you want a little laugh at my expense: On the way to get the ultrasound, I got stuck in a cold parking garage elevator for about 20 minutes. Yeah. I was incredibly happy.

Since I was feeling ok, and the temp warmed up a few degrees past freezing, we headed out to the Children's parade on Saturday.
(I'll just assume you foreigners north of I-10 know it's Mardi Gras season down here)

As you can see, the turnout was tremendous.

Week 98 (45)

but we ran into some old high school pals whose kids were actually old enough to enjoy the parade and get into the spirit.

Week 98 (53)
Week 98 (63)

Riley , like his parents, was a pretty passive watcher.

Week 98 (51)

He tolerated the police, mostly because they were on horses. (insert snide libertarian comment)

Week 98 (47)

but he was quite impressed by the dog riding the fire truck.

Week 98 (60)
Week 98 (70)

For 20 minutes after it passed, he told us he "saw Pluto on a fire truck."
This confirms that his head is going to explode when we go to Disney World this year.

Sunday, the weather was actually nice, so we picked up Nonnie and headed to the zoo in BR.

We were joined by Liz, Caroline, and Liz's mom, Ms. Jill, along with BR residents Heather, Trey, Lillian and Ian (but you won't be able to see him until next month.)

Week 98 (98)

Lillian is quite the social butterfly and played very well with the younger kids.

Week 98 (154)
Week 98 (197)

Even the animals at the zoo were in the Valentine spirit.
(or this elephant made a bad drunken decision back on spring break in college)

Week 98 (82)

Riley continued his pattern of easy amusement.
The otters weren't active but he was thrilled with the stick in their pond.

Week 98 (151)

and the playground had a "spin-it" (gears) that kept him occupied for about 20 minutes.

Week 98 (205)

The rain and temps held out and the cousins were able to pose for a couple of shots with their non-mutual grandmothers.

Week 98 (250)
Week 98 (255)

Hope everyone has a safe Mardi Gras, or as you call in in the rest of the country, a safe workday.

At this time tomorrow, my pee will be radioactive. How cool is that?

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