Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body Modification

Slowly returning to the new normal around here, which for you means that this page will be much less interesting.

We had fun this week though.

Our high school classmate Emily and her daughter Whitney were in from Japan again.
They came bearing gifts, again, of assorted Japanese gummy candies.
I love those things, and really want to go to Japan someday, mostly for that reason.

Week 96 (44)

We joined them, along with Paul and Caroline for breakfast at Another Broken Egg on Saturday morning. (accidentally cut Emily out of the shot.)

Week 96 (12)
Week 96 (17)

One of the main draws was to try the restaurant's new dish, "Cinnamon Roll French Toast."
The description says it consists of slices of cinnamon roll, prepared like french toast, covered in cream cheese icing and then topped with whipped cream and mixed berries.

Here's the photo I was able to capture.

Week 96 (11)

Oops! I guess I was a couple of minutes too late there, but trust me, it was good.
There are still a couple of other things I like as much, if not a little more, but I was actually able to walk away from the table without extreme discomfort, which is quite unusual for our visits there.

Riley wasn't too big on that dish or the "biscuit beignets" (yes they are as good as they sound) but he did thoroughly enjoy his lemon wedge and orange slice.

Week 96 (13)

We then came back to the house, where Riley and Caroline played very well together and Paul continued, graciously, repairing our computer, often while holding two kids begging for Muppet You Tube videos.

Week 96 (29)
Week 96 (37)
(Riley wants me to thank Ms Nicole and Mr Harlan for stealing some of Garrett's outgrown toys and dropping them off here. dueling 4 wheelers should be fun.)

For dinner, we raided the prepared food section of Rouse's and put together a pretty good, fairly inexpensive meal. We fed five adults and two kids for less than 60 bucks, and we were all stuffed with: 2 large fried shrimp plates with fries, mac & cheese, shrimp pasta, 3 sushi rolls, bread, banana pudding, chocolate mousse, and strawberry shortcake. (that tasted like cough syrup, but everything else was really good).
Then, for dessert, we had Blue Bell Black Berry Cobbler and Blue Bell Mexican Praline ice creams. Portraits of health, we are.

Caroline, seemingly enjoyed herself.

Week 96 (19)

and Riley put a hurting on some banana pudding, though it was quite inefficient to eat it using just the tip of his finger.

Week 96 (22)

I guess the amount of food we eat kinda ties in with the title of this week's post, "Body Modification" but that was unintentional.

I've got some ink (and plan for more soon) and had my ear pierced when I was a young punk, but that is not hardcore.
The hardcore body modifier in our house is actually Riley, and unfortunately, that is our fault.

We've known from early on that he had wide feet, but we've always bought wide shoes and have been rapidly upgrading sizes.

Imagine my shock this week when putting his socks on and noticing that one of his feet now looks like this:

Week 96 (27)

One of his toes appears to be crowded up, and it's only on one foot. The other appears to be fairly normal.

Week 96 (25)
(it's like the first step toward being a Chinese lady from the 17th century)

I took him to Greenwood's and had him measured, and sho' 'nuff he was fully filling out his 5.5 wides that he's only been wearing for 6 weeks. He now wears the same shoe size (in a wide) as kids who weigh 10 pounds more than he does.

It fact, though he wears a 12 month shirt from Children's Place, we have to get him 24 month pajamas so that his feet will fit.

Maybe it will help him get a career as an NFL back up punter (league minimum is still a nice chunk of change.)

I would close with a big ole "who dat" but I don't want the NFL to sue me.
Riley wouldn't like that.

Week 96 (1)

But let's see if we get a cease and desist letter for Joan's fingernails.

Week 96 (42)


Nonnie said...

The picture of Riley crying made me start crying. Nonnie

bwallace said...

no need to cry. he was just being pissy.

Unknown said...

Glad you guys will get some use out of the toys!

Unknown said...

You're right about the Broken Egg Cafe' dish.

Love the nails.