Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Real Skinny

So we'll start this week with some predictable news:

Riley went to the doctor for his 18 month check up and .... wait for it.... he didn't weigh enough.

He actually lost 5 ounces since he was in the ER.

Of course, this makes him drop back off the chart and now he has to drink one Pedia-sure a day to supplement his fat & calorie intake.

Now, I don't know who thinks the fix for a kid who doesn't want to eat is to make him drink something new, but we've managed to get at least half of one into him per day.

We have to bring him back in a month to get weighed, blah, blah , repeat.

The real disappointing news came in relation to his height.
He's hugging the 50th percentile in that regard, as he has been since birth.
Assuming he stays on that path, it will put him at 37.5 inches tall when we go to Disney World next year.
That's depressing because the Magic number for Soarin, Splash Mountain and Fast Track is 40 inches.

So, if anyone knows of any combination of natural looking shoes, volumizing shampoo and stretching exercises that can get him to 40 inches by December 2010, please let me know.

Things are getting really fun on the vocab front. He's using a bunch of 2 word combos and even some 3 word sentences.
He's probably on a normal developmental path, but we're trying to push it along as much as possible, even if it means ruining his innocent childhood years.

He's genetically equipped to be the next Sheldon Cooper, and we really need him to have a high paying career, so we don't have to do this law stuff into our 50s.

Even though he got in trouble with the doctor for being a skrump, his week was medically better than Cousin Caroline's.

I don't know all of the details, but early in the week Paul & Liz got a call that Caroline had hurt her mouth on a slide at daycare.
It looked like her tooth had been broken, but no one could find the missing fragment, so she had chest and abdominal x-rays to try to find the broken bits.
Those showed nothing.
The next day the dentist found the tooth in the most horrifying of places...... back up in her gums.

I know you're covering your mouth now, because that's what everyone does when they hear it.

And despite suffering oral trauma that most people would not imagine to be anatomically possible, she put Riley to shame at Royal Panda and at La Pagua. She's a warrior.

Week 78 009

Speaking of warriors, on Saturday morning we did the 2nd annual CMA Sashay & 5k.
We is Me, Joan, Liz, Lindsey, Eli and Amanda. (Riley and Gabe came along for the ride)

One of those people is a personal trainer.
One of those people is a college athlete.
One of those people in naturally in shape.
One of those people is training for a half marathon.

The other two are lawyers on the cusp of 30 who haven't run a lick since the 1st annual CMA Sashay & 5k. (that was a year ago, for you rabid LSU fans.)

Ooops! Did that give it away that those two are me and Joan?

But we all finished, and we were all happy with our times. (considering our fitness levels. and even though i beat them by 8 minutes )

Admission to the Children's Museum was part of the registration and Riley seemed to have a good time.
The place is neat, but I really can't see us ever paying the $15 that it would cost us to get in as a family.

Since we ended up consuming the post race Jambalya, pralines and Abita Amber at 10am, lunch got pushed back to 3. We hit La Pagua so that Uncle Paul could try their pupusas (as should you.)

The only thing Riley was interested in eating was salsa, with a spoon.
We tried to trick him by putting rice and beans in the salsa bowl, but he didn't fall for it, and managed to scoop up only salsa.

Essentially, eating is just a race for us to be done before he runs out of things to climb on, over, or under and gets cranky.

Week 78 010
Week 78 002

That needs to end soon. The boys needs to learn to eat anytime he sees food.
Ya know, like a good American.

Saturday night we headed to Gabe's house to watch the Cajuns earn a big paycheck by getting pummeled by Nebraska.
Riley and Gabe had fun riding their 6 volt 4 wheelers, and Riley made a new friend in Mr LT.

Week 78 014
Week 78 018

Then he learned a lesson in never letting your guard down when Gabe decided to pretend Riley was a horse.

Week 78 019
I see fists in their near future.

But he got sleepy before everyone was done eating and didn't even get to try Mommy's football cake.

Week 78 042

Sunday morning we piled into the Jeep, cranked up the Howdies' cd and headed to Girard Park to feed the killer ducks.

We were obviously late because most of the ducks weren't hungry. (or they may have taken anger management classes.)

We tried though.

Week 78 062
Week 78 052
Week 78 055

The geese were a little hungrier, but nowhere near the threatening mob we encountered last week.

Week 78 061

Oh, well. It was a moral victory in that Riley kept his sunglasses on the whole time.
Plus I got a shot I've been wanting of him next to one of the Jeep tires, as a comparison.

Week 78 048
Week 78 049

If he grows on track, he'll be as tall as the tires when we go to WDW.

After the hustle & bustle of the park we headed over for some quiet reptile time at Cypress Lake.
This week there were 6 alligators within 10 yards of the edge.
We sat still for a long time as he just watched them.
He was mesmerized.

Week 78 104
Week 78 100
Week 78 080

Even though he wasn't the big winner of this week's "Run Up the Biggest Medical Bill" contest , I don't want you to go off thinking that he's responsible and safe now.
For conclusive evidence otherwise, here's how he now rides on his "choo-choo train" (only on tile and wood floors)

Week 78 039
Week 78 043

at least Paul & Liz know a good pediatric dentist.

Now's where one of us is going to feel some pain.
It will either be:
A- Me as I click "Publish Post", stand up, and then collapse to the ground as my quadriceps burst into flames;


B-- You, the reader, as I continue to ramble incoherently so as to avoid soreness lurking just one muscle contraction away.

Ok. I'll take the hit on this one. But you owe me now.
If I don't post next week, call 911 and tell them to look for me under my keyboard. I think I can survive a week.

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